New Blood Angels - Playtest Battle Report Video

Here is something that Rob Baer sent into me a while ago, I thought you all would enjoy it. Jawaballs

Hey guys, MBG back again with my first Blood Angels Playtest Video. We tried out the following list vs. my Mech guard.

Overall it was a good learning experience for what the new 'Angels are capable of, and how to go about it.

I like the fast moving vehicles, and the psykers, but I dont like the lack of long range fire. However I dont think I'll be able to get around the long range fire part, as my guts telling me the more competitive builds will be all out aggro assault.

1850 Mech Angels
  • Librarian w/ Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius
  • Brother Corbulo
  • Furioso LIbrarian Dreadnought, BL SS
  • Furioso LIbrarian Dreadnought, BL SS, Drop Pod
  • Assault Squad 5 Man- Melta, P Fist, Razorback Las/Plas
  • Assault Squad 5 Man- Melta, Razorback Las/Plas
  • Assault Squad 5 Man- Melta, Razorback Las/Plas
  • Assault Squad 5 Man- Melta, Razorback Las/Plas
  • Baal Predator
  • Baal Predator
  • Baal Predator 

The basic idea of the list is to rush forward and pound the heck out of your enemy. The single Librarian model hangs out in a razorback and gives everything a 5+ cover save.

It was a good starting point to jump in on the angels, and use some of their special stuff, however I think the direction this list will end up taking is more assault troops with jump packs and enough armor just to screen them.

Game 2, same lists.


So what do you think of the Battle Report? I tried to snazz it up a bit with some graphics, but am far from video mastery at this point.


Eamonn said...

The most obvious thing that strikes me from both games is how little scenery they use mid table. The first game has a single ruin in the no-man's land middle section of the board, the second game has just 2 hills in that area of the board. Their table layouts play completely into the hands of a mech guard list. Large, wide open fields of fire so it is easy for them to blow the BAs apart.

However that does not mean the BA player didn't make lots of mistakes. In both games he is less than halfway across the board by the end of his second turn. In the second game on what looks to be a very wide board he deploys his units right at the back of the board? Why on earth would you deploy so far back that it will take you an extra two turns to reach your opponent with an assault list? What sort of BA mech assault list doesn't have marines dumped into assault by the end of his second turn? The BA players entire tactic in both games seems to be to drive his units on top of objectives and hope they don't get blown to bits. Not exactly a strong strategy.

Still, BA mistakes aside I think the biggest problem there is that the board layouts are woefully lacking in terrain pieces. 40k played on open terrain with clear fields of fire from one end of the battlefield to the other is always going to end as a turkey shoot for the side with the bigger guns. Heck, 2 hills in the entire no mans land on a large table, that is pretty spartan scenery usage for a WFB game nevermind a game of 40k.

Both battle reports were well filmed and commented though but they need a lot more terrain or they are always going to find assault lists getting stomped.

Moros said...

Wait, am I missing something here? It looked like you did deep strike on turn 1? Can blood angels do that?

Venerable said...

The only things that Deep Struck (?) turn 1 was the one dreadnought..using Drop Pod Assault as per Vanilla Marines.

The boards were very open, and one furioso in the first game appeared to do very little as it was stuck in the back field behind a wall of shaken and immobilsed rhino-chassis stuff.... Expensive way to plod along 175 points and not really contribute.

The guard list is pretty nasty though, and until the BA guy reallt tunes into his list, it'll be hard to compete. But it definately can be done.

The videos were cool, good use of graphics - added alot to the experience!


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