Doc Railgun Apocalypse Battle Report!

Hey all, Doc Railgun here! I played a great game of Apocalypse at Tower Games put on by the Adeptus Minneapolis. There were 7 players, each with 2000 points (though the Tyranid player had 4K) - each force had to include a Troops choice of at least 10 members.
+++ Tranmission Begins +++
Archmagos Triskele,

As requested, I will recount the most recent sortie by Commander Dante and his Blood Angels. This account may be somewhat more interesting than most due to the inclusion of the Adeptus Titanicus. No doubt there are other reports that have come in about this battle, so I will limit my observations to that of the Astartes except in the most broad way.

We arrived at -Error: data lost- aboard the Battle Barge _Crimson Shrike_, and I was fortunate enough to witness the gathering of information for the battle planning by Commander Dante himself. We were among the last to arrive, and our allies were already arrayed and preparing for battle. These included a force of the Xenos called "Tau", a force of Space Wolves, the transports for several Titans, and most surprisingly - a battleforce of what I was told were pre-Heresy Death Guard Space Marines, somehow come forth from a time-distortion to fight alongside their Battle Brothers.

Below were two warbands of Orks including a Stompa, a huge beast called a Squiggoth, and several aircraft along with a force of Tyranids led by a Hive Tyrant and an immense Hierophant.

The decisive battle would take place upon a bridge across a mighty and impassible river. Our Mechanicus Engineseers managed to activate a shield generator around which our allied Titans stood. The Tau deployed their fire support battlesuits just outside a collection of buildings, wherein some of their Fire Warriors defended an important building. The enemy began to advance, and the battle began,

The Blood Angel's first strike was the deployment of Ancient Iacopo, a Furioso Librarian. His pod landed near the Ork Stompa, and even from our command post we could see the lance of crimson energy blast one of the Ork monstrosity's weapons. Iacopo was immediately assaulted by a large "Mega-Dread" and a smaller dreadnought and was cut down, but not before eliminating one of his assailants.
Next, Dante sent down another drop-pod, this containing Ancient Piero, a Furioso wielding two large lighting-claw variants. It came down near a large force of Tyranid Gaunts, which fled from fire brought to bear from suddenly-appearing Tau warriors. One Baal Predator had outflanked the enemy forces, appearing behind the Orks and blasting down a Rokkit-armed Buggy. A second Baal had somehow become lost, and appeared behind our own forces.

Commander Dante had attached himself to a large force of Blood Angel assault troops, most wearing a strange black livery I had only witnessed a few times. To this squad (which had five power fist-wielding members) was also attached a Librarian, a Sanguinary Priest, and the Chaplain Lemartes. They also dropped behind the Orks, intending to strike the Ork Stompa down if they could. The Astartes took murderous fire from all angles, but especially from the Ork mechanism. They assaulted the Stompa several times, and were also assaulted by the nearby Mega-Dread, who was slain by the Librarian. An Imperial aircraft swooped in and destroyed the Stompa, nearly killing Dante in the process.

As the battle ended, it seemed that only a number of Tyranids survived, while among our allies Dante's sacrificial force took the most damage.
We of the Mechanicus were unfortunately not able to capture any of the Blood Angels' supercharged vehicle engines to study, but at least the Imperium was victorious. I will continue to report back as I am able.

Your servant,
Lexmechanic Skori II

+++ Tranmission Ends +++


Kroxitau said...

I will be down for some apocalypse once I get my XV-9's from forgeworld.

See ya at Tower Games


Michael said...

interesting write up. I like the narrative approach to it.

Can't wait to see the more detailed batreps as they come out.

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