The Jawa Nation is Born!

Complete awesomeness.

Check out this movie!

So who is playing?

I just created a guild and Jawa Nation shall rule the Old Republic.  Visit the GUILD PAGE and sign up.  For preliminary settings I registered it as a PvE guild on the Sith side. But I would like to get in some PVP too.  I figured the sith with their Bounty Hunters would appeal to the most types.  But I will reassess the guild path once we get organized. I will also be looking for some one to take charge.  I prefer to lead from the shadows.  Once the guild is organized and launched, a leader will be chosen. But more importantly I simply have too much going on to be the full leader of a MMORPG guild.  At this point we are accepting all comers. Though strict behavior, maturity and language restrictions will always be in place.  This guild will also cross into the 40k MMORPG once it launches.  Lets get this going!

Comment here once you sign up!

Darth Jawa


ServvsUmbrarum said...

One of us! One of us! I've been looking forward to this MMO for a long time and when the Dark Millennium comes out I'll be there too!

"The Initiate"

inquisitor_dunn said...

Awesomesauce!!! I went and applied tonight. Of coarse I had registered a different name along time ago. So Inquisitor_Dunn will have to be Vorshak for SW.

idget said...

I loved both KOTOR games and had no idea this was coming out, beliving it to be a dead franchise....
Well, I know have my hope restored for the future of mankind!
Maybe I'm over reacting, but hey!

40k Junkie said...

Applied tonight, but have no clue what my name was.

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