Weekend Heroes Painting!

Hey Folks!  So here is a shot of the finished Corbulo for the Heroes of Armageddon project!  Tomorrow I will add a shot of the first one I painted so we can compare and contrast to see if I improved over the last couple years.  I will bust out the light tent for that though. 

The Heroes Project is rounding the bend!  You will see many finished models soon.  Get your self into the drawing so you don't miss out!



The Inner Geek said...

Great looking mini. A lot of expression on the face.

Maleagant said...

Looks Great!!

SC Mike said...

looking great chris. like the teeth and the blue wash on his wrist

ServvsUmbrarum said...

Looking good Jawaballs.

dill_ownergoalie said...

All the models look good but in my opinion the bases look a little lack luster for most of the models. Are they not using resin ones this time?

Jawaballs said...

This particular one is not resin. I ran out, but it is actually more textured than some of them. We went with a sand blasted "Chemical" waste look. Some have rocks and stuff, some are almost bare. I will be adding to this one, a bit of barbed wire and some dead grass auta work.

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