Heroes of Armageddon Blood Angels update!

Of course the day I plan on taking update pictures of my Land Raider I forget my project box at home. Oh well. It was not done any way. :)  It will be finished and photographed next Friday.  School is winding down for me, so after next week I will be in full Heroes of Armageddon production!  First up will be a squad of Terminators, then Brother Corbulo. Then it is time for details, details details.  And hopefully I will be able to finish another squad of terminators for a commission client at the same time. Sorry it's taking so long Jason!

So here is what I have for you today.

Joe Johnson chimed in with the first pics of his Death Company.

Joe does not disappoint. These models are NOT easy to paint. Black is the hardest color in the game to make look "right" and plus these models are super detailed. Each one is like a little HQ unit. These are looking good! And of particular note, you will see the Heroes of Armageddon base theme. We went with a grey colored base with some chemical colored highlights.

And here is their ride!

Mike from Santa Cruz has done a fantastic job with painting the black Storm Raven, and behold his extreme attention to the base!  I wonder if he will provide some insight on how he got the effect.  You can probably find more on Santa Cruz Warhammer.

Mike Cho sent me a couple teasers of his Storm Raven:

These are just samples of the beautiful blending he is doing. Look at the extensive attention to detail in the cockpit alone! I can speak from experience that getting the smooth red blend on the front part of the armor is not an easy task. This model is going to be breath taking!

It is going to be an exciting next couple of weeks as all of the Blood Angels painters begin to finish their parts of the project.  Our deadline is coming up in a few weeks.  We will be done by July 4th.  (Mostly.)  Things are ramping up, so get your donations in!  If you are a fan of the Blood Angels, you don't want to miss this army. At the very least get 5 bucks into the pot.  All you need is a dollar and a dream!



Old Shatter Hands said...

Great work, guys! I am loving that stormraven! what a sight!

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