Now is the time to get into Rift!

Now is the time to join Jawa Nation in Rift!  The guild of players is now up to 21 people and growing strong. Many of which have joined Rift as a pre SWOR launch.  Come join us!

Click HERE NOW. You will get an invite to play a free week of Rift. 

But this weekend they are running a special, you can buy the game for 10 bucks. That is a huge steal considering that I just paid 55 for the collectors edition about 5 days ago.  So GET YOUR FREE WEEK and come join the fun! 

Look for Jawaballs in game.  

We are playing on the Guardian side, on the Shadefallen server.



HuronBH said...

I have a rift account, haven't played in a while. Maybe it is time to give it another go. I quit because the guys I was playing with all stopped.

Jawaballs said...

It is fun for what it is! Mostly its a great way for guys who plan on playing SWOR to meet up and become familiar before the game releases.

ServvsUmbrarum said...

Really wish I had time to invest in an MMO, maybe after I get my 2k list painted and get through the summer hits of video games. Regardless I'll be dropping what I'm doing for TOR, so at very least I'll see you there Jawa.

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