Heroes of Armageddon update

So much to do. Lets get going.

I will start with the first finished models:

Mike from Santa Cruz Warhammer did the Death Company Storm Raven.

This is one of the best black vehicles I have ever seen.  I love how Mike completely magnetized it to be broken down for ease of transport.  This imposing Raven full of Death will be the centerpoint of this Blood Angels army.

Tim Williamson's Sanguinary Guard:

Tim's work just oozes win. His squad came out fantastic and will definitely rival Tom's Dante.  I love how he handled the winged jump packs, and the power weapons.  

Mike Cho sent me a couple pics of his Furioso that he is working on:

Any thing stomping on a dirty green skin is awesome in my book.  You can also see the assault squad strewn about that he is building. He converted some jump packs with three thrusters for the squad. I cannot wait to see how they look! Oh and I added a teaser of Cho's storm raven wing.  Juicy!

Here is more pics of my land raider and priest.

Of course this is not complete. The gun armor still needs more work as does the gunner.  I need to do another round or two of highlighting on every thing and drill out the guns.  I'm very happy though with the hand painting and overall look. I have been trying to push a more gritty and dark look and think I achieved it well.  About two more hours will see this tank finished, with a few transfers and more blending and highlights. But for now it is time to move on to finish the rest of the models.

You asked for close ups of the priest, well here you go!

He is perhaps an hour from completion. I need to really push his lights and darks. I am considering entering him into the Golden Demon at Gamesday. I have no delusions of winning, but I think he can make finalist after I clean him up and finish strong.  In case you are wondering, this is the Assault Squad Sergeant model that was released with the new blood angels codex. I gave him an apothecary arm and the little tank thingy on his belt, and a Death Co. head.  This priest will be riding with Mike Cho's assault squad in their Storm Raven.

Matt McClannahan:
You can follow his blog and see a lot of pics of his Death Company Dread.  Here is one:

Awesome. Visit Black Matt's Blog HERE.

Ron Saikowski:

I have two words for you. Oh My God.  This brought tears to my eyes.

I am saving the rest of the images he sent me for him to put up on From The warp. He will be putting up pics on Monday.  He painted a terminator standard bearer with a customized Armageddon banner.  Here is a WIP.  Amazing.  He is a talent.

If these pictures were not motivation enough to get you off the fence and donate, do so now.  Next Friday? I will have my terminators done. Mike Cho should have most of his stuff done. Joe Johnson is nearing completion on the Death Company. Black Matt should have this dread complete, and I will have Ron's standard bearer in hand.  Hopefully I will get a nice packge from Tom with Dante inside!  Hint hint Tom...




RonSaikowski said...

I didn't realise how many cool models we had in progress!
And as for the banner, I'm just trying to keep up with you guys.

Ron, From the Warp

Black Matt said...

Very funny, Ron! I'm rolling my eyes at that one.;) LOL. Awesome job on the banner. And everyone!

chaplainaerion said...

These pics are almost enough to make me not hate Blood Angels. ALMOST :D

Amazing work guys. And the fact that it's for such an amazing project just enhances it more.

Allan and Carmen said...

Absolutely stunning work guys!!!

And for a great cause ;)

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