Heroes of Armageddon crunch time!

Well the team is kicking it into full gear.  Here is a quicky update from my terminators!

3 mostly done. And it is only Tuesday!  

What else is there?  Well Joe Johnson finished his Death Company.  Here is a sneak peak to what I am going to show you on Friday's update post. 

Thankfully Joe's painting is far better than his photography.  I will shoot some pics when they arrive. They are enroute as we speak!  

Here are the jump packs for the assault squad Mike Cho is painting.  Triple thrusters!  Too cool. FIND MORE HERE.

And here is the chapter banner again.  I have a picture of the entire finished Chapter Bearer model, but I promised I would let Ron post it up first.  Follow FROM THE WARP for that this week. 

Much more to come as the Blood Angels build team finishes up their projects and puts a wrap on the army.  

Now you have to ask yourself. Have you donated enough?  I can let you in on a secret. The project has made a lot of money for Doctors Without Borders.  But can we make more?  Go without soda this week and send in another 5 bucks.  One less beer at happy hour will get you 5 more chances to win one of these fabulous armies.  I wish I could enter!  You know you have been wanting to do it for three months now... hit that button at the top right!  

You have to be IN IT TO WIN IT!

I would love to see this army go to one of my readers.  Go get it!



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