New Goatboy art!

Thanks goes to Goatboy for doing this fantastic image for me!  

This week on the blog I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up. First of all, the Heroes of Armageddon boys are wrapping up the Blood Angels army. You will see some of the first finished models including a FANTASTIC customized chapter banner done by Ron Saikowski. You should see my land raider, Mike Cho's Storm Raven, and Tim Williamson's Sanguinary Guard all finished.  

The Jawa Nation also picks up speed with over 20 members so far.  Currently we are organizing in the game Rift, you can get a FREE TRIAL HERE. If you hurry you may still be able to get the game for 10 bucks! They were running a special this weekend.  We are on the Shadefallen server, on the Guardian side.  Come meet some new friends and have a fun time! 

The Jawa Nation Logo

Finally more Nova list talk. Last week we had a pretty big discussion about a possible jump pack list. This week we look at options. I will look at the AV 13 wall, as well as revisiting the Quad Land Raider list.  I only have about two weeks to bang out a final list for The Nova and I took a big step last week with you help! That jump pack list looks nasty. But can we do better?  The goal is to get the most competitive 2k list we can, that has at least 4 troops choices, and does not rely on AV 11.  Can we do it?

Any way, the heat is on, the Heroes of Armageddon is soon coming to a close.  I can't wait to see the finished army. You are going to be blown away!



dill_ownergoalie said...

what your not talented enough to go your own art?

Jawaballs said...

Talented enough to keep you gawking.

dill_ownergoalie said...

damn right

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