Battle Report: Brothers Grim Charity Tournament.

Today I played in the Brothers Grim Charity Tournament for Big Brothers Big Sistsers of Long Island. It will be a while before I get any video up since I am traveling the rest of the week, But I wanted to take a moment to summarize the day!

Game One:
I was matched up against a decent generic marine list with a drop pod, several tactical squads and a couple rhinos, land raider, dread... The mission was a funky objective mission. For every troops squad next to an objective you scored 2 points, and every other squad you scored 1. The short of it is that I camped my troops on objecvtives, and wiped out my opponent with Pred fire. I would crack the transport nuts with melta guns, then gun down the exposed marines. I wiped him off the table save for a drop pod. Dante took down a 10 man tactical, a couple of terminators and his commander, but still the Baal Preds were the MVP of this game for killing over 20 marines and other stuff. Complete victory Jawaballs.

Game Two:
I got matched up against my old Tyranid nemesis Danielle. You might remember her from a batrep I did some time ago in which I slaughtered her by turn 4. Well she came armed with a new list this time, and made it a much better game! Despite what any one thinks, this game was no push over for me, even though I ran her off the table for a massacre. At turn 4 this game was still very much in contention, and if not for a couple of tactical mistakes, she could have easily taken the victory, or at least a tie. The biggest element of this game in regards to my overall performance was her genestealer squad failing to kill my combat squad on the charge. She charged one of the combat squads holding my base with 8 stealers... and only killed 4 of them! This locked them up in combat, and she would kill the last on her turn. Seeing this happening, I was forced to divert one of my assault squads to my base instead of pressing it on for hers. As it turns out, this squad was not needed because I managed to kill the stealers after they also killed my dread... and my other combat squad held my base... but sadly, this would leave my assault squad out of position at the end of the game. I was unable to reach her deployment zone to score one of the bonus points, and this would cost me 2nd place over all!

Game Three:
As it turned out, I went into round three in 2nd place, behind Brother Captain James. He scored two full massacres, getting 46 points. I scored two massacres, but only took 45 total points. I would need to beat James. A draw would leave me one battle point behind him, and leave us both prey for the 3rd and 4th place guys. I will write a full batrep for this game later this week, and sadly I forget to do video! I was tired. As the game would play itself out, he and I finished in a draw. It was a victory point mission, and he beat me by about 80 points... this was not enough for a minor victory for him. I wracked my brain for how I should have beaten him, and as it turns out I made two big blunders. FIrst of all, I reserved every thing. I should have deployed and taken a chance of his shooting my stuff, or tried to seize. Second, since it was victory points, I should have focused EVERY THING on his Land Raider with Terminators and his chaplain character. We would have traded points, but I would have won in the end. Instead, I played cat and mouse with them, and they won that game. I got hurt badly by reserve rolls... Corbulo did not come on till turn 5 with the DC. Sigh. So any way...

James and I would finish the day with him over me by one battle point... the one I failed to take from Danielle. But it mattered not for him, since another guy managed to beat him out for 1st by 1 battle point. The surprise was Ultra Bob! He slipped in to tie James for 2nd, edging me out by 1 point, but losing 2nd to James due to the tie breaker. 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th, and Iimagine the next few slots were all determined by a difference of just a point or two. Cant get better then that! So in the end, I took 4th, off from first by 2 battle points, and edged out by James and Bob by 1. Damn you Danielle!

The highlight of the day though was the raffle, I spent about 40 bucks buying tickets, which went into little boxes like chits. The prizes were arranged and numbered. You bought your 'Chit" and placed it in the box with the corresponding numbers for the prize you wanted. One of the prizes was a Sanguinius model! Some dude from Europe makes them, and they sell for 100 bucks or so. Maybe 150. Dont know exactlly... Other prizes were a Forge World Blood Thirster, and a TomB Kings Army. I placed 20 chits in the Sanguinius box, 1 in the tomb kings and the rest in the Blood Thirster. Sanguinius and the BTwere the two hottest prizes... the boxes were full! While Iwas out grabbing a snack, the prizes were drawn for Sanguinius and I was not there to hear my number called!!! I won the Sanguinius model! This made my day, and Black Matts, since the model came with a T shirt and hat, neither of which fit me and I gave to him. It mattered not, I had my prize.

So there you go! A super close tournament, with a tight finish and good prizes. I caught myself playing like a wimp again, and paid the price for it again. I need to have faith in my army sometimes and gun it! Oh well, I will stick it to James next time. More to Come!



Sabb said...

Thanks a ton for all you guys coming out! We raised $2,355 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Flekkzo said...

Any chance of a picture of your loot and you? Curious of how the model looks;)

jawaballs said...

Im away for a few days, when I get back I will take some pics.

elijah said...

we had a grand opening for our gamesworkshop in gig harbor, we had 4 ticket raffles, one of which a gaming table (which i really hope i win for my gaming club) another being a warhammer book bloodstorm (autographed by the authors) which i won :)

Fritz said...

Once again James' Land Raider can not be destroyed! There is some big time mojo in that model...

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