Hello from Tampa!

I hope this picture doesnt pull an Arc of the Covenant effect like in Raiders of the Lost Arc!

Woops, hit send there without writing any thing! A lot to report and no time since I am sitting here in the airport. I just wanted to kill a little time and will be posting much later. I managed to get in two games at Armada Games. One with Tampa James and one with his buddy Alex. I will be writing up those batreps as well as doing a short store review of Armada Games. Be looking for that fun soon!

So far I have gotten a lot of guys responding to my contest post which is great. I am hoping to see some stiff competition there, and am considering openening up the final vote to the fans. The only thing I fear is unfair blogexposure. So I will probably keep the decision just to myself. After all, I think if any one around here is qualified to select a Blood Angels model, it's me!

What else? Well, Fritz is supposed to come over soon and we will get in some Space Hulk games! Be looking for those videos soon. Alrighty then, need to start getting ready to board. More to come! Jawaballs


Flekkzo said...

Excellent picture there! Catch the waves!

I personlly like the idea of you judging. Internet votes are often very very, ehm, fickle? It's hard to have people be impartial after all. I do want to see all entries though. I am really curious of what you guys will turn in. Makes me a little nervous even:)

And dear Mr JW, what am I to do with a single terminator captain after the comp :)

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