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By popular demand, I have decided to offer painted models for sale on my estore! The first one to go up is a converted Assault Chaplain! Take a look at my estore, now if you are interested. I will be offering up much more Templars soon, as well as Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Iyanden Eldar and much more.



Haunter said...

Sorry this question isn't about the new painted guys on your site, but I noticed the army lists on the right side for the first time and had a question about that. You have 3 bike squads with x2 Multi-meltas. Is that 2 bikes per squad? Are you happier with bikers over speeders for your MM support role? And why remove a squad when going up to 1850, when that may lead to someone being able to field another Pred or something in their list?


jawaballs said...

Not sure really, I wanted another troop squad on the table. At the end, I had 10 points left over and a bike squad with only 1 bike. So I decided to drop that bike, and spend the 60 points on 2 Death Company. That makes the Death Company squad a true threat, rather then a 3 man diversion unit in my 1750 list. It needs to be tested though.

Haunter said...

Hmm, sounds reasonable. I've come into the game fearing armor as my normal opponent is Tau who oh-so loves his Hammerheads. I got lucky in my first BA fight against him, rolling Dante and a Speeder from reserves into his rear armor, but now he knows and I have to compensate.

But I also like the idea of more troop choices, as they pull double duty of being a threat, but also can take objectives, and I would also like to see more DC in my list, so if I play some 1850 games one day I'll have to try that.

jawaballs said...

The extra 100 points from 17 to 1850 really didnt get me much. I could have added 2 more MM bikes, but then they would become bigger squads making them harder to hide resulting in them getting shot up. Plus those lists are still a work in progress. I need to sit down and reevaluate them and total up points.

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