Mechanicon here we come!

Fritz and I have decided to make our next major road trip Mechanicon! Here is the deal. Saturday November 7th and 8th there is a new Grand Tournament going on in West Chester, PA. It is a hike, but Fritz and I are in for a weekend of great gaming! You cant go wrong with 2 days of fun and competitive spirit. They have quite a list of events so far including:

- Blood Bowl Tournament
- 5 game 1850 40k Grand Tournament
- Friday Night gaming event with prize support
- A charity auction! It is always good to get stuff and have the money go to a good cause.

The best part is that these guys are committed! They already have the event scheduled for next year and are planning around other major GW events and conventions. Make this part of your yearly convention plans!

MechaniCon 2010
November 5-7
West Chester Holiday Inn

Fritz and I will be there early on Friday if any one wants to meet up and try to get a game in. If you think you want to try to knock us around a bit, let us know! We are always up for a challenge match, either solor or 2v2. Then we will be throwing our armies into the tournament to get beat down by some Imperial Guard for two days, but it's all good. If you are a painter and have questions, bring your work! I will be happy to give you some comments and advice. And Fritz is always ready to help out with tactical information. Pick his warped mind! Whenever Fritz and I go some place, we love to use it like a mini Gamesday and help out our fellow gamers if we can.

We hope to see some of you there. We went to Austin for Bolscon and got to meet quite a few readers and fans. This is what the hobby is all about! If you are planning on going but have not signed up yet, post here and let us know! Looking forward to seeing you all on the tables. Jawaballs


Joe said...

totally OT, but do you need to have all the stuff about the rating project at the top of your template like you do - its kind of frustrating to have to scroll a screen or two down to get to the actual post (which I always like).


jawaballs said...

Good point, I will move it.

AutarchAndrew said...

Jawaballs its time for me to own you ill be there at the mechicon and your blood angels shall die by the hands of eldar and its 2009 man lol

HuronBH said...

I should be up at Mechanicon early Friday as well, I'd love to get a game in against you or Fritz.

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