I updated the Army Comparison Project.

I did a cumulative update on the Army Comparison Project which is stickied at the top of my blog. I added Tau, IG and Eldar, as well as rounded out the Space Marines a bit taking into consideration peoples input. Take a look, and if you have any input, feel free to add it. Lets try to get the weaker dexs up there like Necrons and Witch Hunters.


Nagamo said...

After thinking for some time about how to rate some armies, I could not come to a satisfying result; I guess we need some criteria or another way to evalue. Maybe we should restart and take one aspect (mobility, etc.) and go through the existing armies to come to a reliable result. What do you think?

jawaballs said...

Start with that! We dont have to get stats for every category at once. Think them through and assign totals, starting with the most mobile... Eldar? And work your way down. Then we can just adjust as people chime in. So we can go ahead and grant Eldar a 20 for Mobility... who comes next?

Nagamo said...

Starting with the least mobile I would say Necrons, Demons, Nids, SM, CSM, Orcs, IG, Tau, Dark Eldar, Eldar.
Basicly, there are 3 groups, I would say:
1.) Necrons, Demons, Nids (Footslogging with some tricks up their sleves)
[Demons before Crons because of deployment rules, Nids having flying creatures].

2.) SM, CSM, Orcs, IG ("normal" Mech)
[CSM before SM ´cause of flying and/or lashing units, Orcs in front of them with Waaarg and open toped transporters and IG as the fastest in this category with their skimmers.]

3.) Tau, Dark Eldar, Eldar
(fast moving skimmers)
[Jetbiked troops give Eldar top position].

Now the question is: Which army should get 10 points?

jawaballs said...

We dont have to start with a middle, as people pointed out, there really is none. Start with the top, then compare all armies to them! Eldar are 20, Necrons are 5. I suspect every one else will fall between 10 and 18.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Doh! Guard are better than Tau in every category except mobility. To help balance this a bit can we add in appearance. Because Tau are far cooler than the grimy guard!

Nagamo said...

K, to sum it up now, I would say:
Necrons: 5
Demons: 6
Nids: 7
SM: 10
CSM: 11
Orcs: 12
IG: 13
Tau: 18
Dark Eldar: 19
Eldar: 20
The differences inside the 3 categories are highly discussable, but I like the look of it ;-)

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