New Jaballs Lists

Just like the game, my lists are ever evolving. In this most recent draft, I am addressing my weakness of tank killing pop. I dropped my DC Furioso... sadly. I love hte model and he is insane in assault, but he rarely got there. He was too stagnent and was usually left behind while my fast moving army moved out to slaughter stuff. He often found himself guarding a base that would never need guarding, or getting popped as I tried to run him across the table. So, my new lists are posted to the right on my blog. I posted up a 1750 and 1850 list. I know, they are only 100 points different, but I decided to go with a different focus for each. My 1750 has 6 Multi Melta attack bikes, while my 1850 goes with an extra assault squad in rhino and only 4 bikes. We shall see how they work out!

You can now find my lists as permanant stickies on the right side of my blog. These will be the most up to date versions. Enjoy!



Haunter said...

I felt the same about the Furioso. He's a powerhouse, but can't really go anywhere. I would only play him if I knew my enemy and it would be helpful, but in a general tourney list he would probably be a point sink against certain enemies or mission rules.

Looking forward to reports on how these lists work out.

AutarchAndrew said...

ya your welcome for the MM attack bike idea

Salsa Prime said...

I think you're missing something from your 1750 list, because it only comes out to 1720 when I add it up.

jawaballs said...

Yah, I just got army builder and totalled them up. I have to fix them.

Salsa Prime said...

Your 1850 list is fine, it's just the 1750 list only adds to 1720, missing a DC maybe?

But yea, there's an annoying bug with Army Builder for Blood Angels' Rhinos/assault squads. When you first add up a list and save it, it's OK. But, when you reopen it, your FREE rhinos for non-jump assault squads are recalculated for the regular 40 points. You then have to delete the rhino and re-add it to get the free pricing again. D:

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