First Jawaballs Contest update! Great News! All participants please read.

Guys involved with my painting contest, check back often for updates. I just wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the comments and FAQs.

First a word on what to paint. Again, the model must be a terminator of some sort. AoBR, SH, Assault, Shooty are all fine. A Captain or Sgt is fine. A converted Lysander would be fine. Librarians and Chaplains are not since they are blue and black, not red. Though, you could paint a Librarian or Chaplain model Blood angels red if you choose. The SH dead terminator is not allowed. Basing should be minimal. SH termies need not be taken off their base.

You need to take 3 work in progress photos, one at the start, one in the middle, and one at the end. Also, you need to send 3 finished photos from 3 different angles.

Now for the great news! has generously offered prize support! I almost fell off my chair when Matthew emailed me with the offer. How this affects you is that it should create more prizes that will cause a trickle down effect, allowing me to give out more winners! With SO MANY people interested... I have not counted, but I estimate over 40 so far, I want to get as many prizes as possible. So be looking for an announcement soon on a prize reshuffling. I will be throwing in some random prizes too that any one who enters can win. I wish I could give loot to every one!

Thank you all for the fantastic support and interest.



woroxon said...

thanks both jawaballs and , just a dumb question, mi SH terminator is ok as long as is glued to one 40mm base that should be simple? no need to remove the original piece of plastic. I know it is a dumb question but the devil is in the details and Im reading at a slow pace my contest entry.

jawaballs said...

Dont worry, you dont need the 40mm if you are using a SH term. I dont want to make any one destroy their Sh bases.

woroxon said...

great that is great news, thank you for that decision.

GirlPainting said...

Hey Jawaballs, go check your email. i have send you the banner. greetings, Alexandra

F.jasensky said...

hi jawaballs.
atm I am painting a terminator for the painting contest i do not even dream of winning but I m doin my best :) 2 questions:
I do not have a terminator base because the terminator I paint right now is a gift from the GW near by. when I came there to buy a single terminator (what appeard to be not possible)they just gave my one when i said it's for jawaballs contest! :D but they had no base left :(can I use the small base for normal sm too?
2nd: whats about green stuff?

sorry for mistakes + writing so much

jawaballs said...

F.jasensky, Just do what you can. A piece of cardboard or mat board will work. Just make it look good! Since Iam not requireing bases for SH models, do whatever you can.

Faolain said...

I just photographed my entry. However, I forgot to include the card with my name and such. I did photograph the card when I did the WIP photos, however. Do I need to reshoot?

jawaballs said...

Its not a huge deal, but just to stick to the rules, take a picture with your name card.

Faolain said...

Ok, I'll reshoot then. I wasn't totally satisfied with the lighting anyway.

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