Battle Report: Jawaballs Blood Angels vs Tampa James Necrons 1850

On my recent trip to Tampa for Staff Development I had the pleasure to get in a couple of 40k games at Armada Games. Tampa James, a blog follower and pleased video customer from my Estore, arranged for the appearence at Armada Games and drove way out of his way to pick me up! Thanks a lot man, I had a great time. After the games we went and played darts and drank a few brews. Great stuff.

So on with the batrep.

1850 points
Dawn of War

The deployment was a bit of a chess match. He deployed his base very close to my deployment zone, so I was able to put Dante fully behind cover and within a jump of his base. I supported him with a combat squad, and placed my other CS on my base with Lascannon as per usual. He deployed some troops in cover with a destroyer lord. My intention was to feint him to place most of his stuff near his own base, that was mostly in the open, so I wanted him to think I was going strong on that side. I would then fast move Dante and the CS over to wherever I needed them, and swoop in with my late coming assault squads later in the game to take his base.

Turn 1:

I moved my Rhino and Dante into the center of the table. Ask any chess player, and they will tell you, own the middle. The rest of my stuff came on mostly in the middle as well. I set myself up with nice lanes of fire for round two, and kept some rhinos in reserve to come on turn 3 and 4 and drive towards his base. On his turn, he came strong on my bases side with two monoliths and a load of warriors. He also sent a single squad of destroyers and a squad of warriors to the other side of the table to attempt to secure his own base. It would not be enough.

Turn 2:

Dante and my CS do a U-turn. I send them both back to his base to deal with his warriors and destroyers making the dash to his base. I moved the rhino, popped smoke, and nestled Dante in behind it. My Lascannon would begin fireing on his Monolith, which I would target all game and only manage to get one weapon destroy. But seriously, the shots were wasted any way. I had nothing on the table for my Las to shoot at besides his lith. So why not shoot and pray! My preds advanced and started spraying shots at his destroyer and scarab swarm escort. He would then turbo boost his lord and scarabs at my base, and advance his liths. Seeing what was coming, I arranged my forces for a turn 3/4 assault/slaughter. He popped my CS rhino that was supporting Dante, but it would prove not in time... it did it's job.

Turn 3:

With his lord having moved 24" and getting huge cover saves, I decided to ignore him. I moved up my attack bikes and did shoot the lord squad, but I focused my predator fire on the warriors in the back looking to phase out the necron scum. Despite cover saves, my heavy bolters took a toll. I fired my bikes at the lord with the intention of assaulting in waves. My bikes were pretty useless against this army, so I used them as speed bumps! Toughness 5 two wound models are nothing to shake a stick at. Dante orderd the combat squad to take the destroyers and hold them up while he jumped over them to wipe out the warriors cowering behind them. Suffer not the coward to live. They lost combat and were cut down while my CS moved into the destroyers and did some wounds. I charged my Death Company into his Destroyer Lord knowing full well that he had a warsythe. I was hoping to rend him to death on the charge. I assaulted the opposite side of the large swarm squad with my bikes. I hoped they would turn the tide of battle to my favor, and if I did not kill the lord out right, he would lose combat. But both sides epic failed. The lord only took 1 wound and my bikes failed to kill a single swarm bug! But it matters not, it was all part of the plan. The squad was delayed, and lined up for my assault squads to move in and wipe them out with power weapons. He would kill one Death Company. This combat would go on for a couple of turns, quagmired with scarabs attacking bikes and my tougher units taking on the lord.

On his turn, he advanced his liths again, shooting with one and teleporting an almost dead squad of warriors through it to give them a second IBB roll. His shot was a miss, but he did save a few men.

Turn 4:

Dante got into position to assault the destroyers and the rest of my squads were on the table. moving to support my base, and take on his Lord. At this point, the game was no longer in question. My preds layed down some withering fire on his warriors, killing a lot of them, while I charged forth an assault squad to block the advancing lith with the rhino, and unload and assault his warriors. I swung another rhino around behind the lith, to tank shock the warriors out from behind it. With sneak placement of the rhino and angles, I managed to herd the hiding warriors out from behind the lith, right into my preds line of sight. Muahaha. Yah Mule!

Dante joined the assault and slaugtered the warriors, freeing up the CS to move and take the base while he massacred on towards the lord. My bikes attacked the scarabs again, this time killing some, and I piled more into the fray while the lord finished off my Death Company and took another wound.

On his turn he would move the lord into get at my pesky bikes and killed a couple, but I had more! The important thing was that he was lined up for a charge from my power weapon assault squad. He popped one of my rhinos with a Lith, but at this point it was over. My assault squad was in his ranks killing his last warriors. He managed to teleport them out of assault, and get revenge though. He left my squad stranded and shot the crap out of them with lith guns.

Turn 5:

This would be the end of the game. My preds shot the crap out of his warriors again, and reduced him to phase out event horizon. His Liths were unable to get through my rhino wall to get my base and he had nothing left to contest. I assaulted his lord with another squad, and killed him and finished off the scarabs. That would for all intents and purposes wrap the game.

I felt bad for Tampa James, the guy loves his Necrons! But until they get some love next year, he should just shelve them. At least in competitive games. Tacticly he should have gone for the draw and plopped his entire force near his own base. Maybe he could have held his destroyers in reserve and tried to turbo boost over to my base along with the scarabs and lord to contest and even get the win. His liths and warriors would have made a nice defense of his base. Drawing them out of combat is pretty tough, especially since it leaves my guys stranded to get shot up. I know Fritz has been wracking his brain to figure out how to win with Crons, hopefully they will get some love soon!

Here is some video.



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