The Best Chairty Event Ever!

Hey all, Kevin here checking in again and this time to talk about the next big way to game for charity. This past weekend was TempleCon and the club I am in ran all of the 40k events by ourselves. One of the events was a Doubles tournament to raise money for charity. It was a basic idea, 1250 points per player with a shared force org chart and some wacky missions but curveballs started to appear everywhere in what was probably the most fun anyone playing had in their time as addicts of our plastic crack love.

This is how my day went. I woke up for the event that started just before noon and walked into our place at the Con in the lower levels. It was nice to have a room to ourselves full of different tables and some awesome themed tables such as an ice world and a Mayan jungle scene but all meant for tournament play. Anyway the first curve ball was already known, for one dollar towards charity you could buy a token that allowed you to reroll any dice roll in the game! I was at the victim to this many a times. The first round for instance one of my club members playing me rerolled a save against a freaking shaken result on his stormraven 7 times! This would be a hard fought fight with shenanigans plentiful. Speaking of shenanigans it was announced for $5 you could buy an orbital bombardment on any table in the tournament! This was used very successfully by some players all ganging up to take out certain vehicles or just to retaliate on some of their buddies for a past game defeat! Think about some random template coming from some Nid player 4 tables down you played the previous round and all he had to do was yell “SHENANIGANS!” during his shooting phase? My first game saw one player buy 5 or 6 of these bombardments for people all to fire on one player’s army as a joke! It also saw over 100 reroll tokens being used against me. This got my buddy Marcus and I so into the game we went and bought our own reroll tokens just to combat such tom foolery and strike back. We ended up losing our first game just 11-10! It was one of the best games I have ever been able to play in.
The next game saw Marcus and I against a Tau and Blood Angels player I also played in the singles tournament. We ended up cornering them and leaving them to our combined bloodbride and Genestealer havoc around a Mayan Temple! Also after each round there was a raffle you could buy tickets for and some awesome terrain, models and even a 3000 point expertly painted Chaos Marines army was given away as a main prize! I myself won two Spawn figures. This all added to the fun.

Round three saw the Dark Eldar and Nid forces against a duel C’tan front. We lost a very close game again but killed the Nightbringer. This round saw the owner of our clubs FLGS call in a bounty of a gift certificate to the store for whomever could kill the storm raven of Dean, the guy I played in the first round. Lets just say a lot of orbital bombardments came down on that model before it died.

All in all we had an awesome time and ended up, in a short period of time full of fun and shenanigans, raising over $700 for the Rhode Island Food Bank! Such a feat was not possible without the work of the event organizer, Dean, and the rest of the 40k organizers. It was a good idea to raise money for a good cause and everyone had so much fun in the process of the 3 rounds. I hope other organizer take initiative and have events like this before their events for a good cause. =)

As always, more on this later…….

Signing out, Kevinmcd28


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

That actually sounds pretty neat and like a lot of fun. Seems like the awesome tables also added to the fun factor of the event, huh? Do you happen to have any pictures?

Melon Head said...

Good job Kevin. Troll, I know kevin has a video on his blog that shows some of this. Thanks to all that helped, thanks to Frank how ran the event for me. This was the most broken and fun tournie I have been to/organized, im glad we thought of and the money and canned goods will go far to our charity.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Yeah my camera got misplaced sometime over the weekend so all of my doubles stuff went with it. I did take video with my ipod and have templecon stuff on it. check my youtube channel at for the video

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