BloodQuest: Introduction

Hello fellow 40kers!

My name is MadMaverick. I have been playing Warhammer 40k since 3rd edition; with a hiatus starting with the advent of 4th edition, and then triumphant return to 5th edition (when I say triumphant, I mean I bought AoBR and won my first game). Since 3rd edition, A LOT has changed! A good example is back in third, I had tactical squads in my Blood Angels army, HA! Overall I believe the game has changed for the better, 40k, although fictional, has taken in some really realistic situations and applied them in their game rules. The rules, still convoluted, have been greatly streamlined too! I think back in 3rd edition it took me about 10 or so games to even master the core rules, while in 5th edition I have buddies learning most of it in 3 (maybe I am/was a bit slow?).

Back on topic, I love Warhammer 40k, I am not so much a fan of the fantasy, while the models are cool; nothing beats the brutality and tactics of 40k! With that said I enjoy all aspects of the 40k universe; from the novels, comics, fluff, models, video games, and even the movie (let us not speak its’ name). I have always enjoyed my immersion in the universe as a whole, even during my tabletop hiatus.

Now I am back! I have been playing 5th edition ever since a buddy and I picked up the AoBR set at a local store back in April. He took the Orks, I took the SM, and together we set about on a journey that has led us to many glorious bloody battles! After a few months, we built our own custom tables and terrain; the 40k bug had bit me again!

Blood Angels have always held a special place in my heart since 3rd edition. It really came down to one model, Commander Dante. He was honestly the most B.A.M.F. I had ever seen. Once I started to read his fluff, he had to be mine, and so my path to the “Space Vampires” was drawn.

For 5th edition, I have chosen to focus on the JP aspect of BA. My personal Blood Angels army is highly mobile, utilizing JPs for almost every unit. I am a big fan of CC, even to the point where I will throw the security of a game just to get some fresh blood on my chainsword, it’s bad! With that being said, I am going to focus most of my articles around that style of play, mobile and lethal. Mech BA is great for some, but I like the DoA style of BA and have chosen to focus on that.

My current experiences with 40k are with smaller point games (500-1500), I am not a competitive player at all, and have only attended tournaments in a spectator capacity. I do love list building though, I love crunching the numbers and then hypothesizing/testing the effectiveness of builds, it has always been a passion! I also enjoy the art of painting, but to me it is more of a relaxation than a requirement. I paint as well as I can, so don’t expect anything fantastic as Mr. Jawaballs.

Well this was quite a long introduction, I will make sure to possibly just summarize everything, everyone loves bullets right? That may be the way to go in the future. Anyway I leave you gents with a 500 Pt BA JP List (*GASP* ONLY 500 PTS!?!??!). I hope some of you starting with JP BA may find it helpful!

JP BA - 496 Pts.
- 1 Libby w/ JP
- 1 Sang. Priest w/ JP, Meltabombs
- 6 man Assault w/ PF, Melta
- 6 man Assault w/ PW, Flamer

Feel free to send me a message here or on DakkaDakka (where I frequent as MadMaverick76). I am more than happy to help with list building at any point level, just remember my knowledge is better below 2k points, but I am always willing to help.

For Sanguinius! For the Emperor!


Reynor said...

DoA Blood Angels is teh fluff rock n' roll. Plus it's fairly competitive too.

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