Here is a quicky update on a WIP Sanguinary Priest.

Legion of the damned sergeant with a blood angels right arm from the Death Company box set, and a tactical marine hand replacing the sergeants plasma pistol. The grail is from Space Hulk.  It is mostly done, I need to paint the base of course, and spend some time on the back pack highlights and the lume pods, and of course the cup, but I don't think I will touch the armor again except to add some Satin Varnish and maybe a final extreme highlight in a few spots on the red.  

You know whats frustrating! I have been trying hard to always shave off all the flash lines, and I thought I got them all here, but I just noticed while looking at this high res picture that I missed one on his right leg, and some on the lights.  Grr! 

Now to paint Mephiston!



idget said...

Chalice is a bit too big but apart from that it's awesome!
I can't see any flash though and if you only notice them whilst looking at the photos no ones gonna notice them when it's on the table!

Dalinair said...

I agree with idget the chalice looks too big for the model its ok on the terminator priests but on normal ones its shockingly huge. Awesome paint job though, as always.

Drathmere said...

If you want a smaller chalice, you could take a skeleton's head and open it up into a cup.

Jawaballs said...

I agree with you guys on the cup. I have ordered some from Reaper. I hope they come by Thursday!

Jawaballs said...

Drath the skeleton head idea sounds promising. If I don't get my reaper chalices by thursday night I will rock that.

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