Brent's Strictly Average Painting Guide

My name is Brent and I'm a Blogger.  (Hi, Brent.)  I also have a problem.  (Do tell.)  I've been Stalking Jawaballs Since 2009.  (...what?)

Yes, I'm a confirmed Net - so what am I doing here?


Jawaballs reached out to me around the same time he did to Xaereth and Michael, but obviously they've posted numerous times... and me?  Not so much.

It's not that I didn't want to, because I did.  Because I do.  The main problem, as I saw it, was doing something worth posting on Jawaballs' blog - something I'm not doing already.

Not only do I write for my blog, Strictly Average, but I'm lucky enough to write for Bell of Lost Souls, House of Paincakes, and Blood of Kittens.  So Jawa's invitation raises two points that cannot be ignored: 1) what am I going to for this blog I'm not doing somewhere else, and 2) do I have the time to do it right?

Despite it all, I try to do my best work for every article or post I'm involved in - I feel grateful for the opportunity to write about the hobby I love, so there's nothing half-assed in my approach.

That takes time, which I don't have much of lately.  In fact, I've had to stop writing for Blood of Kittens entirely, and whether that changes depends on how my new job goes.  (And, I supposed, whether Tasty Taste wants to put up with me again.)  But I'm here now - so what changed?

I finally thought of an approach worth pursuing, that's what changed!  Also - and let's be crystal clear here - turning down Jawa's offer to post on his blog simply wasn't something I could walk away from.

I've been Stalking Jawaballs Since 2009 - it'd be silly to waste the effort!

All that is an introduction; moving on, I intend to work on Brent's Strictly Average Painting Guide for The Blood Angels: by Jawaballs.

Jawa is an expert painter; I'm not.  What I do paint, I paint very, very quickly.  I have a variety of techniques I use and I'm a constant fiddler.

(To be clear, I'm happy with what's called 'tabletop quality.'  My stuff is meant to look good from arm's length, so if little imperfections bother you my approach my not be for you.)

I'll be painting anyway, so all I'll have to do is take the occasional picture and write it all up.  Easy, right?  Probably not - blog pictures actually take quite a bit of time.  For that reason, I don't intend to stick to a rigorous schedule... but that should fit easily around the more frequent writers on this blog, such as Jawaballs himself.

He's the reason you guys are here, after all.  :)

I've already written the first episode of BSAPG, which I'll pass off to the Editor for scheduling.  It details my approach to painting a Warmachine figure, Amon Raza, but in the future I'll discuss painting squads, terrain, and armies - and anything else that takes my interest!

My hope for this series is primarily that it'll be interesting, but also that it may prove useful to new painters and old alike.

For you paint-brush-studs out there, I'd be happy to hear feedback and constructive criticism: I'm always willing to learn!

There you have it, my introduction to Jawa's blog... and intros are never as interesting as articles, are they?


DaveHowitzer said...

Good lord, another place I can stalk Brent, stalking Jawaballs!? Woo Hoo!

Jawaballs said...

Brent is a blog whore.

DaveHowitzer said...

At least you can say his "persistance" (or well...unhealthy obsession) has worked out in the end!

SAJ said...

looking forward to this line of articles, bring 'em on!

YsambartCourtin said...

Hi Brent: By that miniature, it looks like we paint to exactly the same standard. It will be interesting to see if we achieve the same result by the same methods, or by different methods :)

Lox said...

Honestly, that looks like a hell of a lot more time than i would ever put into a model. I dunk my blood angels in red, wait for it to dry, and dab some black onto the details to make it look like i actually did sommat. hehe.

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