New player profile: My friend Jim Stanton

1850 Ultramarines

Now that I got the eye candy out of the way, here is his list.  

Chaplain with Plasma Pistol

Librarian with Avenger and Null Zone and Storm Shield

10 man tactical with las canon, flamer and rhino

10 man tactical with rhino, fist, multi melta and melta

5 man tactical with razorback with TL las

Predator with autocannon turret and las sponsons

Ironclad Dread with Heavy flamer

land raider crusader with Extra armor and multi melta

5 assault terminators as pictured

5 Legion of the Damned with Meltagun and Plasma Cannon

First some background on Stanton. I met him two years ago when I transferred to this school. He ran an after school club where his kids painted roman gladiator type models and played a game with them in an arena. He is also the creator of a game called Gnome Wars, which is sort of like 40k, but way less relaxed on the rules part.  Leprechauns are an army for example, and throw pumpkins for grenades.  

So it was easy for Stanton to jump into 40k when he started coming around my room and seeing me messing with my Blood Angels and working on projects. This year our plan was simple. Take a total 40k nooby with wargaming experience, and turn him into a tournament contender.  First of all I made him a competitive list drawing on units he liked from the SM Codex. I would never suggest some one jump into 40k and not play models he liked after all!  He liked the termies and chaplain so those were a no brainer, but he very much liked the damned based on some pics he found over at Dark Future Games blog. By the way his LoD are without a doubt the sexiest I have ever seen.  

Jim liked my furioso and wanted to play one and we filled out his army with effective units, an ac/las pred and tactical squads with transports. By no means is this list an over the top uber list, but I know I could take it to a tournament and win games with it.  Plus it was straight forward and reduced his tactical options to just a couple. Aim the Land Raider, send it forth, and shoot the crap out of any thing that can destroy it.  Have the Damned meet up the termies on the other side. Simple!

Before painting his Ultramarines, he had never painted a 40k model. His first attempt was an assault squad, which he sprayed with a bad batch of blue primer and got the dreaded sand paper effect.  Fail.  But with some direct tutorial by me, he was able to get his army ship shape!  Notice the red tabbards on the Sergeants. What kind of mentor would I be without influencing him into painting at least some red on his marines. :)  The rest is pure Stanton.  He decided early that he wanted to go with an extreme highlight approach. I showed him different styles online, and on my own work. I showed him my original extreme highlights, and my more recent "wet blended" stuff that has very few highlights at all.  He wanted to take my approach and master the touch needed to edge first, then work into blending and shading. 

The biggest difference he noticed right from the start was the incredible difference in level of detail between 40k models and the gladiator models he was painting before.  Even basic space marine troops are heavily detailed.  It took him some time to accept the idea that the better he wants to be, the more he will have to pick out every detail.  We practiced on some Black Reach marines. He would paint some, and I would at the same time, then we would compare.  I could use my examples to correct his painting and improve his work which drastically reduced the learning curve.  

From there I showed him hand painting techniques for his Ultra symbols, and other techniques like painting bone and parchment and blammo!  Welcome to 40k Stanton!  

But that was only part of it.  I also had to teach him how to play. For incentive, I made him sign up for a singles tournament that happened last weekend.  Due to the mass amounts of snow days, we had little time to prep him though. All I managed to do was get him on a table and teach him the basic mechanics of 40k. WS, BS, etc.  Then we were off to the tournament!

Before it started we had a little time so I spent two hours going over some advanced tactics, and possible responses to varied armies. Playing against Tau is a different game than playing against Blood Angels after all. Then it was game time!

In his first game he landed against a tough opponent with a good Blood Angels army. My buddy Bill!  Who proceeded to table him in just a few turns.  But thats ok. Jim learned a lot in defeat and would luckily be at the bottom of the heap for round two.

Then he drew a newer Tau player.  Game on.  I did not get a chance to watch most of the game, but from what I saw, his Legion of the Damned sgt accounted for no less than 44 dead fish heads.  His Land Raider got popped in the middle of the table and the termies drew most of the fire, while the damned went on a rampage.  Not long later, Stanton had his first 40k win and a life time record of 1-1. Not bad man.  

Going into game three he wound up vs a Black Templar army played by a fairly experienced opponent. Jim was in for a fight. But following the basic 40k tactics I showed him he managed to pull out a win!  2-1 lifetime.  Fantastic!  So he went to his first tournament, played his first 3 full games of 40k ever, placed 6th overall, and got 2nd best sportsman.  Not a bad day at all.  

I have to say that I was pretty proud. He scored very well in painting, and on the tables.  Now Fritz is in real trouble. I don't even need to try to corral him on the tables any more. I can let my padawan take care of my light work while I go for tougher prey. :)  



Melon Head said...

I can say I was glad to see how well he did, but more importantly how much fun he seemed to have. I hope you guys come back next year, maybe for the four man team tournie also?

Melon Head said...

And I have to add, the army was even beter looking in person....hard to believe this is his first 40k army....also good to see ultramarimes, I never actually see ultramarine armies, no matter what the web sites say actual utras are few and far between around new england

Kevinmcd28 said...

I agree with Terra above this army is SO much better looking in person, and it looks awsome online. I saw Jim play his games and he made good decisions. I hope to play him in the next event we both play in

Jawaballs said...

Yah, most guys start with Ultras, but rarely finish an Ultra army. Jim put this one together pretty damn fast. Army Painter Navy Blue didn't hurt either! :)

Michael Hogan said...

While his infantry do look great, I think his vehicle painting is near perfect (in my opinion).

Jawaballs said...

He sprays them black, then army painter navy blue, then using a 1/4" wide flat brush edges up to ice blue on the edges of the tank. It actually taught me something, I always have used a pointy detail brush, but a flat edging brush is much better for that purpose. He finishes by washing with asurman blue.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Really? I use a detail brush and it canbe a pain if your end isnt steady, like mine, why does he spray it black first before he uses army painter since army painter doesnt need it? How does he not let it effect the quality of detail. His bone is Soooooo good in person, id love to hear how he did that

Jawaballs said...

A light prime with black or white will affect the tone of the army painter color, black making it darker. It helps create shading. Maybe he can pipe in on his bone. I know he followed my standard recipe. Bestial, snakebite, bleached, wash with Devlan Mud, then a white highlight.

Brent said...

This is an amazing first army - cheers!

inquisitormack said...

I was the BT player who Jim played at Templecon & this army is really well painted. He claimed at the start that this was only his third game ever, but I kept looking at the paint job and thinking. "This guy must be pulling my leg." Great paint job & really nice new player!

Lox said...

Those LoD models really blew me away. I really like em!

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