The World's Biggest Apocalypse Game!

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I have a special treat for you here today. Alec Peters offered me some fantastic content from his neck of the woods. It seems he likes big games of 40k. Since apocalypse is something I rarely get involved with, I figured this would be a great opportunity to bring you something different. Check out these fantastic pictures!  Yes, that said 67K points of IG.  Holy Guacamole! Lets look in the future for Alec to add more coverage of what appear to be some huge Apocalypse events in LA.  Great Stuff!  Are we gonna see a battle report on this record setting game Alec?


The Big Game set-up at the L.A. GW Battle Bunker

Hey all,  I'm Alec Peters from, and a new contributor to Jawaballs excellent blog. A dedicated Imperial player, I pretty much only play Apocalypse and run SoCal Apocalypse, one of the biggest Apocalypse clubs, based out of the Los Angeles Games Workshop Battle Bunker. 

On January 22nd, we held The Big Game, which we billed as the largest Apocalypse game ever, and it was!  Over 860,000 points made their way to the Games Workshop Los Angeles Battle Bunker, and over 2.3 million points were played in 22 locations world wide in 5 countries!

In Los Angeles, the game kicked off at 11am and ended at 11:30pm.  There were two tables, one for painted models and one for unpainted.  But saying there were two tables is a bit misleading.  The "painted" table was actually 18 tables put together in a massive 4-legged "M" shape.  The unpainted models were relegated to 3 8' tables put together. 

Now, this was the first time this event was held at the bunker, but it will be an annual event.  Originally the event was to be a challenge match between the apocalypse group at a local game shop and SoCal Apocalypse.  But when that group backed out, the idea of breaking the world record for the biggest Apocalypse game and battle was hatched.

Then, we started getting other GW Battle Bunkers and other stores around the world involved.  In the end we had 22 locations in 5 countries:  The US, UK, Greece, Norway and Australia!  All the games were played by the same scoring rules and so the objective points were all combined to have one big winner!

There are Apocalypse World Records?

There sure are!  Siegeworld, a St. Louis-based Apocalypse club, who pioneered very large games, has been keeping records of events of this scale.  Before The Big Game, Siegeworld noted:

The record for the Biggest Apocalypse Game was 382,000 by Siegeworld, St. Louis, MO.    (This is for one table or playing surface, 4 turns and all painted models.)

The record for the Biggest Apocalypse Battle was 520,000 by GMI games, Riverside, CA.   (This is for multiple tables, any turn length, and non-painted models are OK.)

The record for the most miniatures in a single battle was 6,500 by Siegeworld, St. Louis, MO.   

The Records were blown away!

The Big Game, Los Angeles location blew away all these records!

Total painted points on one table: 735,636.    A new record for the world's biggest Apocalypse GAME.

Total points on two tables: 860,446.  A new record for the world's biggest Apocalypse BATTLE.

Total number of miniatures:  17,541.  A new record for most miniatures in a single battle.

Plus we established a new record for the World's Biggest Apocalypse Battle - Multiple Locations. 2,307,224 points!

All players submitted both registration forms and army lists.  So we have back up for these records.  When doing a world record attempt, we think keeping good records and making everyone submit an army list is important.

World Wide Results

Overall, the Imperium defeated the Xenos forces 407 to 331.  So the Universe is safe for democracy! to be ruled by a guy on a Golden Throne at least :-)

We learned a lot from putting this game on.  It was a huge effort and next year we may move to another location to hit our goal of one million points.  And while we had to use 4' wide tables this time, next year we want to use 6' and 8' wide tables to give more maneuvering room.   But overall, it was quite a spectacle and there were a lot of very happy gamers who had a ton of fun.

And so here are some photos!

Wayne Clark's Imperial Guard army at 67,000 points dominated 3 tables!

An awesome Warlord Titan

I got to play as well!  Here I am on the left with a true gentleman of the game, John Tiehen who's two sons played as well! 

Annibal Sanchez (behind his Chaos Warhound) is one of the nicest guys in the game

Ron Kent, Shawn Green, and multiple Golden Daemon winner Aaron Lovejoy

We had TWO Forgeworld Imperial Fortress Walls on hand!

If you want more details on The Big Game, or want to join in an Apocalypse discussion, join the Apocalypse40K forums at   You can also follow the Apocalypse blog at

I will have more Apocalypse articles here on Jawaballsblog soon.  Next up, The Blood Angels Apocalypse Formations!



CaulynDarr said...

Having all those models on the board is pretty sweet and impressive.

Though, I'm not sure why anyone would want to play in a game like that. I don't see there being any tactical depth to a game where you line up 800,000 points 24 inches away from each other across a 168 foot line. There's no room to maneuver and no place to hide. The only tactical options you have are to run strait ahead, or stand still and shoot. You might as well just roll a barrel of dice and count the 6's.

I guess all that matters is that the participants had fun.

YsambartCourtin said...

As one of the Australian contingent, I have to say - we did have fun :) Thanks for featuring the game, and I'm looking forward to the Apocalypse articles.

chaplainaerion said...

That's my main gripe with Battle Bunker Apoc games. They represent the company that wrote the book (literally), but they still insist on just lining up 4x6 tables end to end and deploying on the long edges. I know it would be a hassle to "merge" some of their tables into true Apoc-scale battlefields but if the company can't do it, who can? We local organizers, that's who. Kudos to everyone who participated, though. I'm sure it was memorable.

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