There's a storm on the horizon!


Bullet Holes, and Hand Painted Raven! (I got inspired)

Close up of raven

Yes some of the Dragon Red prime is thick, it was late 
and I was getting stoned from the fumes. :)

Weathering straight from this months issue of White Dwarf
featuring ME of all people! :)

It's here!  I wrote a Blood Angels Storm Raven into the list I plan on playing in the Templecon singles tournament tomorrow. This was entirely contingent upon me getting one of these babies in my hands! But unfortunately the model was not to be sold until the day of the tournament, and there was no way I could get one assembled, painted and ready to go.  But of course, JawaNation came through! My first Storm Raven arrived last night, probably right around when GW preorder models were showing up on people's door steps.  That gave me the evening to assemble and prime it. I used Army Painter black primer, and then Dragon Red for the base color. It already looked amazing!  The picture shows the results after priming.  Primed and assembled the engines separately so as not to have to hand paint the metalic.  I used Army Painter Platemail.  In this pic I quickly did the pilot and gunner and the compartments and just glued on the canopies.  Also you can see the magnets attached to the turret, I magnetized the options.  

So there it is so far. Now I am working on highlighting and blending, and I am doing lots of battle damage on this one.  This being my first, I don't really care how it comes out so this gives me the freedom to experiment. 

Will Storm Ravens make it into competitive lists?  Well I am trying. I won't let the cat out of the bag yet on my new list, but it is a drastic divergence from what I won Mechanicon with.  After the tournament I will post up the list and results/tactics.  Look for that next week!  Time to get back to work.

I am doing bullet holes in the side where I put a big fat finger print in the primer because I was rushing.  wish me luck!

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MonkeyLeader said...

Looks great.

It's good to see where the magnets are going to be needed for doing multiple options on the turret.

Jawaballs said...

I will take close up pics of the magnets. I decided not to magnetize the multi meltas since I doubt I will ever play this particular raven with any thing but. But I may switch the las over to ass can. I am uploading more pics of some hand painting and the bullet holes now1

Man Boy Genius said...

Check all the Stormraven bits we sale over at the Spikey Bits online store.

Marcus said...

Either you have the tail on backwards or GW messed up. Ailerons should not be on the leading edge. :)

Jawaballs said...

Yah lol I put the tail on backwards. Like I said, late and stoned!

Jawaballs said...

Rob I put your plug in the copy of the post!

Peter said...

Thats twice I've seen Stormraven posts with the tail on backwards. Gonna have to watch that on mine :)
P.S. Jawa, what color do you use to touch up spots you miss with the dragon red...or do you just refuse to miss?

David said...

The tail is designed to be that way (ie. poor model design, not backwards building).

Look at the box the StormRaven comes in.

Jawaballs said...

I leave the spots I miss. Usually they are at least faded with the DR. It looks like shading and weathering.

The Harrower said...

@David No the tail is backwards. I have 2 of them here with me.

The Kurb said...

Why do you use base coat black + dragon red ?
Both sprays yes ?

Jawaballs said...

I have a video coming up soon on bell of lost souls that shows the difference. To get a nice rich, dark red, the best thing to do is prime black first!

David said...

@ Harrower My bad, you meant the flaps are backwards. I thought you were saying the tail should be angled in instead of out. Yeah flaps in back.

Man Boy Genius said...

I bookmarked your article awhile back on painting marines red. It was sweet, and I want to try it on my Iron Hands.

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