More Feast of Blades banner progress

Today's Progress

Today I made some good progress on the Feast of Blades banner.  I put the words on the banner at the top, and started laying in the illustration on the shield.  First the words.

The first thing I did was redraw the scroll I had painted on white paper so that I could make attempts at drawing the letters. I don't have much rhyme or reason in my letter designs. They are loosely based on the lettering that appears in GW 40k banners like The Blood Angels ones that I have created.  You can see a couple attempts I made at getting the proper size and shape.  Then it was a matter of drawing them onto the real banner, and painting them black.  Of all the parts of these banners, the lettering is the most time consuming because they have to be perfect. They are some of the things people grasp onto the most when viewing the finished work so get the most scrutiny.  

Finally, I started laying a yellow ochre boarder around the edge. You can see it at the top. This will separate the image from the black canvas banner.  I might have to go enter the Feast of Blade just to get a chance to win back this banner!



Reecegrdn said...

this is looking fantastic, great illustration style. The highlights and tones in the parchment and robes e.t.c make it much more dynamic cant wait to see it finished :)

rcampbell said...

Looks great! Hey I was wondering when you were gonna post the battle report with your new stormraven list. I am curious on how it performed.

Jawaballs said...

That is coming up on BOLS as soon as Larry posts it up!

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