Emo Vamp Blood Angels Continued.

Today I want to talk about how I made my Emo Vamp Blood Angels.  Pictured below is the unpainted first tester model I converted from a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior, Night Lords Chaos Space Marine head from GW, and Blood Angels arms.  At first glance you would think this is an easy one right? Well not so fast! First of all, my conversion skills are minimal since I have always been completely happy with the models available to me. But in order to get maximum painting points at GTs, I need to have heavily converted models.  So I relent.  

Looking at the second picture, you can see where I encountered problems. Unlike easy conversions, like swapping out IG bodies for something from the Fantasy line, and simply putting on Lasguns, these here models come in a near state of completion. The shoulders, elbows, cloaks, every thing but forearms and heads, are all part of the mold.  That means that if I want to add Chain Swords and Bolt Pistols, I need to do some cutting!

First things first. I need to scrape off all the Chaos symbols.  Luckily there are some models in the kit that have very few.  It is a matter of cutting off the arrow points, stars, and other chaosy parts.  

But the picture above shows the real problem. These circles are where the forearms of the chaos models are glued into place. This is great for the chaos regiment because you need to have 20 or so in a tight formation. These circles keep the models pose and well, regimented!  I wanted to try to "action up" the pose a bit.

So I used clippers to cut out the circle, and my blade to shave em down, and also trimmed the arms to fit at nice angles.  The shoulder of the Chaos model provides a decent sized Space Marine shoulder pad, so I was able to cut the marine arms just below the shoulders and above the elbow pads, and fit them into the available spot with relative ease from there. But it was not without casualty! My Emo Vamp claimed his first bloody victim.  A lapse in attention and a slip of the knife had my blade swiping through my finger tip like Luke's Lightsaber through a catwalk handrail. 

(These pictures are actually from a few different models I am converting. You will notice that the painted model has a skull on his chest while the one I was cutting just a pointy design.  

In the finished picture I painted them very dark red, with some extreme orange highlights, but more importantly, I venture into battle damage!  Using the technique from the recent Blood Angels White Dwarf I layed in some Blazing Orange blobs, then painted them with 50/50 black and codex grey shapes, then took it one step further by touching them with mithril to show pure metal showing through the deepest spots.  This will be the final touch that I work into all of my tanks, to bring them all together.

My furioso Dread gets his battle damage make over, and a new base while a Blood Angels Scout hides his head in shame at never being allowed in a Jawaballs army.  (By the way I have a squad of 5 painted BA sniper scouts for sale if any one wants!)

There you have it! Tomorrow I will be posting up pics of my painted Mephiston, Chaplain and Priest.  Enjoy!



Nesbet said...

Wow, really loved this blood angel! Never seen such a beutiful conversion of a marine using Chaos Warriors pieces. Outstanding, very nice job!

The Inner Geek said...

Getting on the old conversion high horse there, are we?

Seriously though, those are nice conversions, and they are definitely more advanced conversions. I did some a while back except I used marine torsos (I didn't want the fur cloaks) and I resculpted the boots into marine grieves. My biggest problem is related to what you spoke of with the fantasy regiment being made to rank up. The legs are almost all identically posed. Kind of a bummer. But it does make for a nice picture of marines trudging across the battlefield.

Jawaballs said...

Haha, yah! I'm a converting freak. And I hear ya on the regimented poses. I don't mind it so much though. I only have a few infantry in the army, and will only have 10 of these when I am done. The Blood Angels bits work well enough to make them more unique. If I were making a lot of them, I would probably find a way to add more variety. Some one else suggested I resculpt the boots, any pics of how yours came out? Got an article on your blog?

AnotherDrunkInquisitor said...

He looks way too chaos for me, maybe a nightlord? Quality work and paint just dont like the style for bloodangels

The Inner Geek said...

I have one pic up in an old blog. It's not a great shot of the boots, but here you go.

Old WIP Blog Link

He's towards the botton.

I stole the idea from a guy on the Bolter and Chainsword forums back in 2006. I think his handle was DogHouse.

Michael Hogan said...

Yeah, the only things that stick out as a bit odd are the boots. But the models look great otherwise. I'm excited to see Mephiston in vampire form.

Ben said...

Here's a tutorial for scultping greaves onto chaos warriors if your interested.


kaintxu said...

Great job Jawa.

just a doubt, how do you do the worn out armor effect on the paint? just addins some grey or boltgun metal, i have long wanted to do it, but never know how to make it look good.

Jawaballs said...

I got that technique from last months white dwarf! Check it out.

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