Feast of blades banner update

Finally I got some time to work on the Feast of Blades banner!  The wings are mostly done as are the scrolls. I started going in and adding black outlines to make elements stand out in space, such as the lines around the scrolling. This is a painting trick to make certain spots appear closer in space. Notice how I emphasized the black line on the end of the up flowing tassel on the right, to the right of the sword. I really made a hard edge black on the end of the tassle, but the rest of it sort of gets thinner. That enhances the effect of the tassle flowing in front of the wings. 

I played a bit with the bone fingers to make them look like they are popping out, and the red on the flowing sleeve around the bone hand.  That will end up being brighter and lighter than the rest of the robes since it is closer to you in space.  The shield represents a different challenge in that it is a domed shape, that is closer to you in the center but receedes at the edges.  Plus it is done with two different colors.  I have still left the colors of the shield intentionally muted because what is more important will be the things I paint on it's surface. With so much going on in this design, I am trying to minimize the effect of elements in the painting competing with each other.  With some luck, I will be done this week. Then I can start on my next one, the Space Wolves Chapter banner!  I can't wait. :)  



Duke said...

Drool.... (Nough said)

Bill said...

Very Nice, Jawa. What types of paint do you use on the fabric? I can imagine just normal paint would be difficult because of the possibility of leaching through the cloth and distorting the image.

Then again, I have never painted banners. lol! So I don't really know what I am talking about.

Jawaballs said...

I paint on artists gessoed canvas. I order the banner sewed to be 3x6 feet, and I cut the canvas to be just a couple inches short of those dimensions. As for paints, I use top quality Liquetex, Grumbacher and Windor/Newton acrylics.

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