Advanced orders are up on the GW site! Time to go take a look and start drooling.

I for one am giddy over the prospect of painting an entirely new army, behind which I can throw the might of my Blood Angels painting experience. My current army is an almost mismatched collection of different armies, as my style has changed 3 or 4 times since starting them. Now I can bring them all together into a completely coherent and unified force. Soon you shall see the power of a completely painted Jawaballs army. :)

Looking at the models closely almost makes me weep they are so beautiful! Truly great GW release.

It makes me sad that every one seems to have a copy of this new dex in their hands, but me! I will pay 50.00 for one right now. :)


Tacticalwithdrawal said...

the sanguinary guard are beautiful, plus you can now field very close to a full dreadnought army (ie. Astaroth, 1 unit of 30 Death Company, 5 Death company furiosa dreads, and the rest made up of various other dreads.....)

Plus deep striking Landraiders, Dante getting no scatter on deep strike, mephiston STR/T 6 with 5 wounds and Corbs is still there!

What is not to love?

david_padwick said...

I am loving the look of the sanguinary guard and death company, truly awesome work. I wonder what the stormraven will look like?

On another note Jawa, I am considering a blood angels force in the future (jumping on the bandwagon maybe but hey?) and I would like some advice.

I would like to field a mainly jump pack based army with maybe a few drop podding dreads and baals in support. I would look to start with around a 1000 points.

I don't really want to field special characters as I prefer to have my own creations reap all the glory, no matter what buffs they grant the rest of the army.

1. Is this kind of force viable?
2. What would you suggest for a 1000 point list?
3. What do you think will be the high and low points of the new codex (have you seen a copy yet?)?

jawaballs said...

I have yet to get my talons into the book. So I cant give much insight. From what I hear, BA mech is going to be better then ever. Forget drop pods.

Some things I know.

For about 150 points you can put an assault squad in a fast moving razorback with a heavy flamer template with a meltagun and power weapon. That is a great deal, and it is scoring. Consider that for the bulk of your army.

Throw in a simple captain for your HQ. Give him a JP and attach him to sanguinary guard.

Use the lander. You can put 6 jump troops and a dread in one. It is kinda hard at 1000 points, but what you can aim for is loading that up with assaulty death... a Librarian dread or furioso, and an assault squad with JP captain. fast move them 24" and do your best to protect them with angles. If they get destroyed, fine. Hopefully enough fire power went into taking them down that your boys should be in assault range next turn. If they did not get destroyed, even better. Move 12", disembark, assault, and shoot the crap out of stuff.

Im thinking three of these with a few RAS in Razors is one of the new wave kill lists.

Flekkzo said...

What you are doing Jawa is to start a fresh new army. Even though it is the same chapter you get a new codex plus new models (I assume you will start from zero), so it really is like starting a new one. So with that statement as a background, have you, or do you also feel like starting another army apart from the BAs? I know you are frothing at the mouth with all the sexy new models and phat rules, but if you can clear your head for a second it would be fun to hear what you would consider:)

(I myself hope to get more focused with the next full army I paint. I am thinking of doing a full Space Wolf Drop Pod army:))

jawaballs said...

I will absolutely paint a brand new BA army from scratch. I will probably be selling my current stuff off too.

I love painting red and BA are my favs! Plus the ones I am painting now are very different from the ones I started with.

As for other armies, I have a couple in the works. I have an Iyanden Eldar army that has been around since before I started Blood Angels. I was just looking at these guys the other day and I am sorta in the mood to get to work on finishing them. A farseer on a jetbike, 3 wraithlord, 2 squads of wraithguard, guardians, pathfinders and serpents. Fun stuff. I also have a butt load of Tau stuff. I am planning two different armies, and it is all just sitting on my shelf.

The next completely new project I do will be Dark Eldar. I have been wanting to do them since I got into 40k, but hate the models I want to model up a bunch of groveling slave wenches and pervert elf pirates.

That is enough to keep me busy for the next 3 years!

jawaballs said...

It looks like they are not releasing an upgrade pack ala Wolves, and Templars. That is sad. :(

Evolush said...

I am really looking forward to seeing what you can do with these figures they are all so amazing! You should cast the unboxing of all of these, i would love to see you go thru them all and your ideas of what your going to do to them.

jawaballs said...

Oh believe me, you will see plenty. I have been more or less quiet lately because I did not want to start up any thing new. You will see a lot of new content in a few weeks!

Flekkzo said...

Wow, 150 points sounds pretty sweet. So I take it that you can get a melta even if you don't take 10 man strong teams. That is sweet. I have for a while wanted to run jumppack-less assault marines with a razorback but they only get a free drop pod or rhino. What's up with that?

Oh, and we "vanilla marines" are starting to get a pretty weak codex awfully fast. It's easy to compare to other space marines after all.

Have you come up with a color scheme for your Tau btw?

Colby said...

When I read the new codex on Friday I thought I how happy you'd be about the new Librarian Furioso Dread and Death Company Dread rules:

175 is the starting cost for a Librarian Furioso that is WS6, 13/12/10 Armour, and 3 attacks. They can take any two of the BA psychic powers (count as LD10) and come with a DCCW (w/ Stormbolter), Force Weapon, and Psychic Hood. You can give them the usual upgrades (SB to HFlamer, extra armour, etc) + plus they can get the new Magna-Grapple as an additional weapon and can replace their DCCW arm with a Frag Cannon (Template-range S6 AP- Assault 2, Rending).

So far the obvious choices for their two powers is Shield of Sanguinius and Wings of Sanguinius. As the Shield power is cast in your opponent's shooting phase, you can use both powers, and Wings adds much-needed mobility to your Dread without having to buy a Stormraven. Besides, the concept of a flying Dreadnought is AWESOME.

DC Dreads are pretty badass too. 125 points for a WS5, A4, dual DCCW dread with Fleet, Furious Charge, and immunity to Shaken/Stun is pretty good all by itself. They come with a meltagun, of course, and you can buy them a heavy flamer and a magna-grapple as well. They can also trade in their dual DCCW for a pair of "Blood Talons" for free. Blood Talons count as lightning claws (so ignore armour and re-roll to wound) but also give the Dread an additional attack for every un-saved wound that they cause. And the additional attacks' wounds can grant further attacks as well, so you can, with lucky rolling, generate unlimited attacks. How cool is that?!?

jawaballs said...

You wanna bet my man that I will be playing the dread army. :)

jawaballs said...

The way I understand it is that you take a 5 man squad and remove their jump packs. That allows you to take 35 points off the cost of a transport, be it a Rhino, Razorback or Land raider. Since you can put a melta into a squad for every 5 guys, plus give the SGT. a PW, and switch the heavy bolter to a heavy flamer for free, you can get it for about 150 points including extra armor. If you use 4 or 5 of them, that can be some serious power. 750 points for 5 of them. Move fast 18" and pop smoke. Next turn, disembark and move, shoot the melta to pop transports. Move the razor to lay down the flame on the guys inside the transports that you pop with the meltagun, then assault them with the power weapon and rest of the RAS and wipe them out. Plust they are all troops. That is a lot of hitting power for a very small cost, especially since you can have them supported by flyers filled with veterans and dreadnoughts.

Ben said...

I am also crying

Teeef said...

Yes to the Razorbacks with a 5-man RAS, PW, Melta you get 145, w/free HB or HF.

5 Squads and a plain Captain are 825. Which gives you room to add a Furioso in a drop pod with 2 blood fists or 1 blood fist and 1 Frag Cannon.

Frag Cannon Strength 6 Assault 2 (flamer) template of death.

Steve said...

i just got off work and printed up my "wishlist" for when i go to the shop tommorrow. idk if i will use the Sanguinary guard, death company, or lemartes, but that is all on my list of stuff i am ordering tommorrow. gotta look thru the codex and see kinda what my list may look like. gonna be broke as hell for the next month at least. that and when the lander kit hits it'll prolly be 58 bucks like the IG one. and you know i gotta have 2, haha.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Is it now feasible to have an all death company army? i might get into that, Jawa what do you think of moding the 5 legion of the damned models and adding them to the 5 new DC models to have a very unique ten man death company squad, that would be awsome.

i miss when ctatachans had exclusive rights to heavy flamers in squads =(

Teeef said...

DC are Troops but are NEVER scoring units. Cannot take objectives.

It's in the dex.

I guess if you plan on a massacre result you could win.

Tacticalwithdrawal said...

"jawaballs said...

It looks like they are not releasing an upgrade pack aka Wolves, and Templars. That is sad. :("

My understanding (from people that have seen the models) is that the Death Company pack comes with lots of upgrade stuff to stick on other models - not as good but at least something.

Mind you, there doesn't seem to be a librarian dread to pre-order so maybe the 2nd wave of BA models will include upgrade packs as well

kris said...

I agree that assault squads will be the stand out troop choice. They are solid in razorbacks but also make great deep striking melta units. I can see 10 guys in a drop pod with 2 meltas and a sgt with an infernus pistol and a sanguinary priest with an infernus pistol coming down turn 1 to hit 2 things with melta after combat squading. This also puts 11 scoring FNP + furious charging marines in your opponents lines they have to deal with while the rest of the army beads down on them.

Steve said...

so the guy at my shop tells me we will probably be getting our stormraven kits at the same time the plastic thunderhawk hits this summer. anyone else know or have any inside info on this?

Steve said...

so the guy at my shop tells me we will probably be getting our stormraven kits at the same time the plastic thunderhawk hits this summer. anyone else know or have any inside info on this?

jawaballs said...

It would be silly to not release a Stormhawk model. So I would imagine it should be out shortly. But a thunderhawk? I just don't see it happening. Forgeworld already makes it and it would be bought in such limited quantity since it is only an Apocalypse model, I don't see how GW could make their money back on it.

What do I think we can look forward to? Im holding out for a Tactical squad upgrade pack. The DC boxset is not gonna cut it. The bolters have Xs on them, so do the knee pads and most of the other bits. The few non DC bits will simply not work for blinging out my army. It will get me started though! Plus there were no vehicle upgrade bits.
I bet we will see a Dreadnought Librarian. That will sell, and is a simple enough kit for them to through together that they can make money off it. Maybe they will put new dread parts in an upgrade pack. The harpoon thingy and libby parts. But I don't see them releasing much more. Since they seem to be phasing out the large metal models, we might see a new BA Furioso kit, and that could have all the new parts... but I doubt they will put the libby parts in there because Im sure they will add that to the next edition of C:SM and people wont buy the blood angels box for their ultras.

I saw a picture I think on the website of all the new stuff together. There was a DC rhino with molded armor plates. Does any one know if those are Forgeworld?

I think the termies had BA shoulders too...

kris said...

those were in fact the forgeworld rhino parts and termie shoulder pads

jawaballs said...

Yah I looked on FW and saw the DC armor plate. I don't think it is looking good for a Black Templars style upgrade pack for standard Blood Angels. I think that if they were going to do it, they would be the first things available and they would have definitely appeared in the codex... :(

kris said...

apparently the DC box has enough parts to make the 5 death company and enough left over to use for other things. I beleive there are 8 different heads and 10 sets of shoulder pads on top of bolters and melta/flamer pistols in the box. Should be enough to spruce up squads with the left overs.

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