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I recently got this email:

Hey Jawa,

I am currently awaiting the new BA codex release which will start my second 40k army (Currently Eldar) as well as be used for tournament play which I plan to start this year when I am done technical school. I've been reading your blog as well as Fritz' from WOSH in regards on what to expect/be ready for when the new codex drops. I'm a bit confused about the suggestions you made on what to buy with your most recent blog post. Were those models suggest all for one army list, or just for various options? I have been using the leaked codex found on Sribd to make some sample lists just to get an idea of what I would need to buy, and just what I would be able to fit in a standard 1500-1750 list. Despite all the hype, I haven't found my "updated" list to be too different than my sample lists using the old codex. It's about the same number of models but with a lot more versatility (assault squads getting meltas), and a lot of added bonuses on things I was already going to take. I'm still going to wait for everything to drop before I start buying, but was wondering, if you would be so kind, to review the below list and tell how you think it would fair?

1750 pts

10-man Tactical squad – melta, multi-melta, fist, beacon
-Rhino, extra armor
10-man Tactical squad – melta, multi-melta, fist, beacon
-Rhino, extra armor
10-man Assault squad – 2x meltas, fist

10x Death Company w/ packs
-Storm Harbinger w/ TL special weapon (

Baal Predator – TL asscannon, extra armor, over-charged
Baal Predator – TL asscannon, extra armor, over-charged

-A few points left - Most likely to put Laurels on the assault and tactical squads and some extras for the Baal preds.

Idea is the tactical squads, assault squad push forward to objectives supported by Baal predator Assault cannon goodness. The DC led by Lemartes use the beacons to drop down without scatter and assault off the Harbinger using the jet-pack insertion rule to totally melt faces.

What's interesting is a lot of people think that new codex' means more and tougher stuff. With the BA I'm finding this is not true. The list is more or less the same as my list using the current BA PDF but with a lot of added versatility and speed (meltas, over-charged engines and fast transports). This list also has the same number of units as my mech-Eldar list which is 3 troops in transports, super unit in transport, two heavy supporting tanks.


I think the hidden strength of the new dex is Dante turning all VAS into scoring units. Take advantage of that. Turn your DC into VAS. Turn lesmartes into Dante. Boom, more bang for the buck. Give the VAS a few meltaguns and power weapons and you have a squad that will land turn two, pop land raiders, and slaughter the contents, and claim objectives. That is the punch that is missing in the current dex. Tacticals in rhinos? A fast moving rhino is now a big red coffin. Forget it. Maybe take one, and put a 5 man squad inside with the beacon, and never move it fast. I say take a 5 man squad, give them a beacon, and put them in a razorback.

The other early hidden gem is Scout Bikers. We now have access to them, and their Bridgehead ability. If you take one, you can drop a beacon on the table then reserve the bikes. So long as no enemy is within 6" of the beacon, you can home in on it. Give the bikes a melta and fist and you have a cheap, outflanking, late game threat. Opponents will be worried about the bikers the whole game. Use that to your advantage!

Finally, Librarians get a host of powers! I counted 5 or 6 that will be very useful.

Of course it is too early to comment assuredly, but the biggest game changers to the new BA are Dante, Landers, and Librarians. A good list will use all three. Go with 3 landers filled with VAS, Dante and a Librarian. Some tactical squads with lascannons, and a couple of predators. Remember, a pred with two Lascannons and an autocannon will cost you 100 points or so. Cant beat that value! :)


Michael said...

The new dex has lots of gems in it. Agreed with the Librarians, they will be very powerful in my opinion. If they truly get the LOS blocking power, I will pack 2 of them in a Lander spam army, and it will get ugly fast for the opponent. Good luck firing at me as all the vehicles will be out of LOS, or have a 3-4+ cover save, and I asault you second turn with everything I have and fire the equivalent of 10 TL asault cannons.

Dante seems overpriced to me in regards to the whole of the codex. I'm not saying you are paying too much for him, but in regards to the other choices available, it is a hard sell for me.

Secondly, front AV13 Furioso dreads, where do I sign up?

I'm way excited for the dex to drop. It coudn't come soon enough for me. And those teaser pics aren't helping either, lol.

jawaballs said...

Keep in mind that the leaked PDF was most likely a complete act of fanboy fiction. Stories conflict, and I have personally received 3 different versions... Some omitting different things. Larry on BOLS is reporting that he spoke to some one who did not even mention landers... We need to treat all facts about the new dex as if they are 90% false.

chavestoteles said...

about the death company...
the storm harbringer can only tranport 8 models with jump packs!!!

soon I'll post mu 2k list ;)

Michael said...

Agreed on the leaked "dex". Who knows what will actually happen.

I was making lists like mad when the dex first dropped, but have since left it alone for that very reason.

After all the hype, I really can't believe they wouldn't do the Lander. The sales potential is just way too huge.

We can only wait, anxiously even . ..

chavestoteles said...

this is my 2k 4th co army list using the new codex:
-x2 lightning claws(30)
-artesanal armour-15
-melta bombs(5)
-laurel of thorns(10)

honor guard-125=>245p
priest(10) with power weapon(15) and exanguinator(20)-45
standar bearer with power fist-45
2 power weapons-30

Storm harbringer=> 140p

HQ points: 555


5 extra marines(20x5)=100
power fist(25)+laurel of thorns(10)
x2 flammers(free)

5 extra marines(20x5)=235
power weapon(15)+laurel of thorns(10)
x2 flammers(free)

tactica squad(85)=> 185
5 extra marines(75)
flammer an misile launcher(free)
power fist(15)
laurel of thorns(10)


tactical squad(85)=>200p
5 extra marines(75)
meltagun(5) y multimelta(free)
power fist(25)
laurel of thorns(10)


total troops points:865p

-fast attack-
land speeder(50)=>60
multimelta + heavy flammer

land speeder(50)=>60
multimelta + heavy flammer

furioso dreadnought in drop pod=>140p

total fast attack points:290

-heavy suport-

devastatos squad(85)=>155
4 misile launchers(15x4=60)

predator baal(60)=>135
-twin-linked assault cannons(25)
-heavy bolters(25)

total heavy suport poins: 290p

total points:2000

Devinstater said...

I am just hoping there is a way to encorporate a lot o assault marines. I fell in love with them end of 4th-start of 5th when I first started.

Also, with the set-up you just mentioned, seems like it would be too good for the points, so I don't see it happening. Can't make the Baal Predator obsolete.

Michael said...

One list I made up was this, let me know what you think about it as a whole Jawa, "fake" codex aside.

2x Librarians w/ jump packs.

2x 7 man assault squad, melta, LC on sarge, each with Lander w/ TL flamer

3x 8 man assault squad, melta, LC on sarge, each with Lander w/ TL flamer

1x 5 man tac squad, with Lander.

Thats 6 landers, 5 of which are filled with some decent assault power. Move up first turn 18" and use LOS blocking psychic power. Next turn is 12" move and disembark. Melta's are fired to pop transports. Landers fire on contents of said transports, which means 12 TL assault cannons and 5x TL flamers. Then mop up the rest in assault. Libbys can even fire the LOS psychic ability to prevent mass losses in the next shooting phase.

Granted its all theoryhammer with a mythological codex, but it makes me happy to think about.

jawaballs said...

I would suggest couple of VAS in there and load them up with meltaguns for more redundancy. If Dante does indeed make VAS scoring, they will be real tough to pass up...

Michael said...

Dante and VAS are great, but that is a tight list @ 2000 points. I can field Dante, or the 2 Librarians, where the 2 Librarians give me way more versatility. LOS blocking powers, and much needed psychic defense. 2x coverage on podding in Zoanthropes, Rune Priests, Seer Councils, and other Librarians, is worth more to me than scoring VAS. I belong more to the "brick in the face" school of warhammer. I'd rather blow your army up than worry about claiming abojectives with Veterans.

Agreed, I'd love to field some more meltas in the list, and I have debated dropping the TL flamers to add in some infernus pistols on the sarge's. But between the meltas and all the assault cannon shots, plus the high manouverablility of the Lander getting side and back armor shots, it is still packing a serious punch.

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