Once again, new WD is in stores, but my sub has not come...

I emailed GW with concerns about my White Dwarf subscription about a month ago. The issue is that my WD issues regularly arrive two weeks into the month they are supposed to be here for. They are supposed to arrive at my door first. In a very polite and to the point letter, I outlined that I was considering dropping my WD subscription when it expires and gave several reasons. One of which was content, but most importantly the fact that it is coming almost a month later then it used to.

Well, the one issue that I was so looking forward to is now in stores. The Blood Angels issue. And once again... not in my hands.

They did respond to my email. Pretty much said nothing... "it's not our fault... blah blah" They said they would forward my concerns to higher ups. Whatever. Looks like I will be forgetting to forward my check to GW when my sub runs out.

The fact that their most recent exclusive "subscription" mini sucks ass, or should I say the last several... Frodo? A dwarf with a Tech Marine arm? What the hell? Oh, and now we have to buy them... Bah.



Student Teacher said...

I only got my Battle Missions issue about 2 weeks ago.

Flekkzo said...

I got mine Friday driving home. A subscription just feels pointless:( They should include a special fig every time they release a new codex for your choice of game (pay a little extra for the other games). They could make alternative sculpts for HQs which would could be crazy awesome. I bet you'd pay for that alone.

You should pick up the latest issue from Privateer Press. No Quarter #29. Just do it and see what you think.

On the plus side the stuff on the Blood Angels were entertaining to me. Some interesting background on what they were thinking when making the codex.

And in closing I want you to know that I am dead jeallous of a lot of what BA gets. Vanilla marines sucks:( Gotta get me some wolf love.

Gonewild said...

I have to agree with you Jawa. In fact, I'd rather support my local GW afiliate, Olympic Cards and Comics and pay a few extra bucks a year by purchasing White Dwarf from them rather than experience your plight and save a few bucks. The best part about it is I got my copy Thursday!
I owe you a debt of gratitude, as I shied away from purchasing a subscription to WD after I read an earlier blog entry that you wrote describing your plight.

I'm galled by the utter lack of customer service you received. Unacceptable!

Devinstater said...
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Chris said...

I wrote last month to complain about the same issue and got the same response you did. Since my subscription ran out this month I will just be buying it locally from now on. I'd rather pay a couple dollars extra and actually get the issue during the month it's released.

jawaballs said...

For less then the cost of what I pay for a sub, I can go to the store, thumb through the pages, and decide if I want to buy. As it is, about a third of the issues get a thumb, then go right on the shelf because they are just brochures for new releases. The only ones I care about are the ones with good painting articles, and they seem to be every third issue.

Regardless, they say we are supposed to get the magazine before stores. I get mine before stores alright, a couple weeks before they get the next issue.

Then there is the issue about models. They gave out a Space Marine Vet with subs in the UK. Now the only way I can get that model is to pay 80 bucks on ebay. What do we get? A christmas dwarf with a mechanical arm. Bullshit. I don't mind having to pay for the sub mini, but please update it more then every couple years and please make it a model that is usable in gaming.

When I got into WD I got Captain Dracco of the Black Templars and the Eldar Bonesinger. Beautiful models. Their next releases were Frodo and this dwarf. Ugh.

Xzandrate said...

I can totally relate to where you are coming from. I understand shipping issues, it happens, but not all the time.

I have all but given up on subscribing the White Dwarf. I've gotten subscriptions a number of different times, both for myself and as a gift, and not once have I been contacted about my subscription running out and renewing. So I normally miss an issue or two if I want to keep subscribing, because of the stated delivery issues.

The last one lapsed late last year, still with no renewal reminders or anything. So I've given up on it now, I might pick up the odd copy from the local store, but not often.

jawaballs said...

I havnt gotten one before a store in over a year and a half. At least 4 or 5 times, I had to call GW to get one sent to me because it never came at all.

Tacticalwithdrawal said...

In the UK we can do it by Direct Debit, so it keeps renewing automatically. Also, seems to arrive ahead of time here (I got my Blood Angels WD about a week and a half ago) - maybe they need to sort out the US distribution?

Parcival said...

My copy of White Dwarf is late again (in Switzerland) just as I previously commented here on the blog.
Being a huge Blood Angels fan I was tempted to buy a copy at the store, but the only thing of interest for me besides the pictures of the new Blood Angels is the battle report. The pictures can also be seen on the WWW and I guess I can wait a little longer for the battle report (I quickly glanced at the battle result, though ;-) ).
Either way, I have just given up on the White Dwarf and won't renew my subscription.

Nicholas said...

I actually gave up on the WD in the nineties for the same reason, and the fact that here in Australia our issues were a month behind everywhere elses. So I would spoil my subscription by reading about articles from the following months WD on the net.
Not once did they ever offer a subscription renewal, or follow me up about it. In fairness they did send out replacement copies of the WD that hadn't arrived two weeks after the release date, but it was more common than not to have my magazine lost. It never once arrived on time. Not once. In two years or so. Shipping problems aside, you can't get it wrong that many times.

Teeef said...

I did not renew my subscription. You really don't save any money by subscribing and I have always found it available in the LGS before it ever arrived. SOMETIMES at the end of the month.

You actually save if you don't do everything GW. I now buy only every second or third issue as the focus issues about LotR and/or Beastmen, etc. are not adding value to my hobby.

If the issue has a great tutorial or nice terrain ideas I don't mind the price but skipping two issues buys you a jump pack chaplain.

Gonewild said...

I pre-ordered my BA codex through GW on 03/18 and was surprised to receive it in the mail today, April Fools- FYI.

Absurd that a similar distribution schedule isn't adhered to with regards to their magazine.

Did anyone else receive their codex?

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