The weekly Jawaballs show!

Tune in this Wednesday for the weekly Jawaballs show! Every Wednesday at 6pm EST tune in to Jawaballs for painting and tactical Q and A. Click Here for the URL!

The password is jawaballs1

Come on in, enjoy some good company with good friends and ask those burning questions or get some painting tips.

This week on Jawaballs Live:

Jawaballs talks about his various paints and brushes. Get a professional opinion on what to use for your hobby!

Jawaballs will begin painting a Black Templars marshal commission. Sit in on his planning process for painting for other people!

6pm EST at

See you there!



HuronBH said...

Good luck with this. As I do not get off work till 6:30 most days and there fore I am not home till 7:30 at the earliest I doubt I will catch many of these. Go luck with them tough.

jawaballs said...

I will probably run a couple hours. Last time I was on 2.5. I want it to start at 6 so that the UK guys can at least get to see it at 11. I think its a 5 hour difference...

Teeef said...

Dang. My Daughter has a softball practice over that exact period of time. B&C is down right now.

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