Battle Report: Reader submitted. BA vs Eldar

Ryan has sent me a few batreps, but this one takes the cake! Well written man. Keep em coming!

Hey Jawaballs. Here is a Battle report me and a mate had while watching your broadcast on Sunday. He included 12 of these great diagrams. I am posting the last one here just for reference. Maybe if I can find a few minutes this week I will add more. Great stuff!

Its a bit long so i understand if you cant put it on your blog but i thought you might like reading it.

Blood Angels Vs Craftworld Alaitoc
1840 Points

Army Lists:
Blood Angels

5 Honour guard – Company Champion – Sang Priest – Tech Adept – Standard bearer
5 Terminators – Power fists and Storm bolters – Sarg with Power Sword
Venerable Dread with Multimelta and Close combat arm – Extra Armour
Venerable Dread with Assault Cannon and Close combat arm – Extra Armour
Tactical 1 – 10 Man – Missile – Flamer – Sergeant chainsword – Combat squads
Tactical 2 – 10 Man – Las cannon – Sergeant Power fist – Combat squads
Speeder Multimelta
Rhino 1 – Extra Armour
Rhino 2 – Extra Armour
Razorback – Extra Armour – Twin-linked Lascannon
Drop Pod
4 Death Company


Banshees 1 special guy
Harlequins 1 special guy
Wave Serpent – Not 100% sure on weapons
5 Rangers i think upgraded to Pathfinders
4 Jetbikes 1 with a special weapon
20 Guardians with a warlock and Brightlance platform
Vyper – Not sure on weapons
Wraithlord – Missile launcher – Lance – Flamer – shuriken catapult i think
Fire Prism Falcon – Brightlance and scatter laser i think

Mission and Deployment
Seize Ground – 4 Objectives
Pitched Battle

I Won the roll and passed first turn to my mate Adam. He deployed about half of his army. Counting on his ability to be able to rearrange a few units after i deploy.
I deployed everything except for my terminators and melta dread in a drop pod. Rhinos were placed bottom left supported by my assault cannon dread. Power fist close combat squad in the right rhino and Corbulo with the death company in the other. Mephiston +HG were placed on a hill right of centre guarded by the missile and las cannon combat squads and lastly my speeder was placed bottom right supported by the razorback with the assault flamer combat squad.

He did his special roll and was allowed to rearrange 3 units + put in his rangers using infiltrate. He mostly grouped everything near his objectives.

Turn 1
He started his turn by moving Eldrad over to the craters and joining the rangers hiding there. Then followed that up with firing at my rhinos and blowing off a storm bolter.

Blood Angels:
I then ran my rhinos up failing to overcharge the engines but not stalling. I moved my speeder flat out towards the centre of the map and also ran my Assault Cannon Dread up between my rhinos. I then unleashed the Assault cannon on the guardians and killed 1 and fired my rhinos storm bolter at the rangers failing to wound any.

Turn 2
He rolled for reserves. Thanks to Yriel everything came on. Wraithlord top left, Fire prism Middle and Jetbikes along with Wave serpent top right. Only other movement was his Vyper around behind my rhino. His Wave serpent fired on my Razorback and failed to hit. Jetbikes fired on my lascannon combat squad on the hill and i made the saves. The fire prism scattered off mephiston and the honour guard. The Vyper managed to turn my rhino into a wreck while he blew the storm bolter off my other rhino with either the falcon or wraithlord.

Blood Angels:
Rolled for reserves. Nothing. I took some shots at the Wave serpent and managed to immobilise it while moving my speeder back over to the right. A missile exploded on the Fire Prism and managed to shake the crew stopping it shooting for a turn. The combat squad that disembarked from the wrecked rhino were breifly touched by the black rage managing to sink a shot from a bolter into the Vyper turning it into a wreck in an act of vengeance. The Dread continued to move up taking more kills on the guardians and landing 1 wound on Yriel. Corbulo lead his group of death company into battle against Eldrad and his rangers. 4 rangers fell while Eldrad felled one of the death company but watching the the fury infront of him, he called a retreat. The driver of the now empty rhino decided to ram the falcon in front of him, but failed to build up enough speed.

Turn 3
The immobilised Wave serpent opened up on the speeder and blew it to smitherenes. Seeing this the jetbikes moved forward but failed to land any hits. The fire prism moved flat out towards my dread to avoid any more missiles. Surviving the ram from the rhino the falcon flew over the guardians and unleashed a lance blowing off the dreads assault cannon. Eldrad seeing danger too close ran off the battlefield with the rest of his rangers. The wraithlord moved up to wreck the last rhino and Yriel seeing Eldrad leave the field moved and assaulted Corbulo and the death company killing two of them.

Blood Angels:
The terminators teleport on the field and unloaded their storm bolters upon the jetbikes blowing away three of them while watching the fourth fly into the distance. On the other side of the field a drop pod lands and the melta dread fires at the falcon just missing it. The razorback fires on the wave serpent stunning the crew. Mephiston gets excited and fails his psychic test deciding it safer to run towards the enemy. The powerfist squad assaults the back of the fireprism but fails to make any significant damage. Without its assault cannon the dread turns on Yriel and adds it weight to the assault but Yriel proves his strength killing the last of the death company.

Turn 4
The wraithlord moves into the fray killing Corbulo but receiving a wound itself while the dreadnought loses its closecombat arm squeezing the life force out of Yriel. The Fireprism moves away from danger moving to the bottom left corner. Fearing another shot from the melta dread the falcon moves toward the centre with its sights on the lord of death. While the terminators are celebrating the harlequins disembark from their down transport flooding upon the terminators leaving none surviving.

Blood Angels:
Seeing the terminators killed the flamer assault squad leaves its transport to take up position around the objective in cover. The dreadnought manages to finish of the wraithlord consolidating towards the guardians while the melta dread and power fist squad assault them. 4 space marines fall to the guardians and warlock while only killing 3 but the sergeant showing know fear stays in the fight. Seeing his blood brothers doing so well Mephiston calls upon his vast psychic power annnnnnnd fails..........again....... so they once again move towards the falcon. Over their heads a missiles flys and ruins the grav field of the falcon immobilising it.

Turn 5
With the guardians being overwhelmed they decide the battle is over and leave quickly after taking more casualties. the fire prism moved towards the centre of the map. Out of the immobilised falcon the banshees fall upon the lord of death and his honour guard. each side loses 2 wounds and draws combat.

Blood Angels:
The 2 dreads and combat squad take up positions around the eldar objectives. The missile and lascannon marines draw their weapons upon the fire prism and stun its crew. Mephiston angered by losing 2 of his honour guard finally calls upon his psychic powers and turns the rest of the banshees to dust and consolidates back towards his command position.

Final Comments
With only a stunned fire prism and a squad of harliquins left Adam conceded defeat. It was a very interesting game but Adam was very unluck with his rolls. speaking of rolls. I rolled 11 twice in a row for mephiston psychic powers guh. Not your typical Blood Angels list but it is all i have to play with at the moment and i think they fought very well.

Thanks for reading



Michael said...

I liked the battle report, pleasant read. Good job to you Ryan for bring the BA another victory.

I'm glad to see another BA player using Mephiston. I love to play with that guy. I was wondering why Mephiston was left out of the fight for so long? Was it the failed psychic powers? Because that is a load of points doing no good. Get him in a rhino or something.

But keep up the good work!

Ryanjsmall said...

Cheers man.

Yeh i love using Mephiston. mainly because he screws up Eldrad. but also Eldrad screws him up because i have to take psychic tests on a D3 with 12 or over being POW. I did leave him out of the fight mainly because he couldnt take advantage of his psychic powers till Eldrad was dead.

Heres hoping for an invunerable in the new dex.

Michael said...

I see why you might do that now.

On the other hand, Mephiston wrecks face without psychic powers. Give him furious charge from Corbulo and it is even worse for the other guy. He is str:6, 6 attacks on the charge, I:7, hitting on 3's. I mean really, no other Marine character has that hitting power, and that is without the psychic boosts.

Just food for thought :)

scott said...

lol Mephiston is stronger than daemon princes now XD and still roughly the same points

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