I Wanna Go Fast!- Nob Bikers and Custom Bases.

And finally, here is Rob Baer, the last of my 40k buddies to be brought into the fold. Why? Well, he knows his shiznit. Like him or not, he makes beautiful models, and he knows how to play 40k. He has won several GTs and plays rock hard lists that look great. He is also a guest writer on Bell of Lost Souls. I figured he could add a little more variety to this blog, and share his Ork Conversions with you since they look fantastic! Be looking for the final two writers to be invited next week once I have had a chance to get through all the applications. At this point, I think I am looking for some one to write great batreps and some one to add more Blood Angels info. More to come... Jawaballs

MBG Rob Baer reporting in for Jawaballs!  Today I wanted to show off my Nob Biker squad, and their custom bases. The best thing you can do to really show off converted and painted models, is to put them on bases that will show off their detail , and accent the theme of your army.   I figured a base with a bunch of battlefield debris with a rocky deserty look was the way to go for these lads. So, I painted them up in a desert scheme to match the rest of my Ork horde.

First I basecoated them with Scorched Brown, then drybrushed over that with Kommando Khaki, followed by Bubonic Brown. The metals were picked out with P3's Pig Iron and washed with Devlin Mud. Then I used wood glue to affix GF9's "Straw Grass" flock to them. I use the wood glue as opposed to super glue because I think the grass just looks "fuller" when it dries.

So now its time to mount my models on their new scenic bases. Of course I'd have to pin each of them down to their base, which is fine because I know they will be sturdy. I won't have to worry about them falling off the base either (unless I drop them- UGH!)

Here's the Nob Bikers mounted on their new bases.  Since they now made the bits for Big Choppas (Nobz Box)  I splashed a few of those around the squad. Who can't resist four STR 7 hits on the charge per model?
I converted a Waaagh Banner from a Black Orc arm and an Orc Warboss Standard from Warhammer Fantasy.  I had to magnetize the arm at the shoulder to actually store it, as the whole model wouldn't even fit in a 4" foam tray!

Then I sketched the outline of the banner in pencil as a guideline for the freehand paint job. Next I went over it with black, and highlighted that with three grays; Adeptus Battlegrey, Codex Grey, Ghostly Grey, and Codex Grey 50/50 Mix. When I was done I just used the eraser to get rid of any unwanted pencil marks that were left behind!

Of course I still have some Power Claw Nobz, plus the wonder twins: Warboss Snorg and Painboy Steve. Check out the Warboss on his new base of doom! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Note the Attack Squig shamelessly stolen from the Fanatics Box. I also converted a flame on the Kombi-Skortcha from an Ork Boy Topknot bit. I think in the near future I'll go back and add a small banner pole to him just so he's taller that the rest of the ladz.

Last but not least is Painboy Steve. I did a lot of customizing with this model, and I think he turned out pretty good.

First he had to have a masked head, and that weird doctor head light saucer thing. Next he needed some Dok's tools and and a bone saw for operating. Then I converted him a Painboy gun from a slugga, bosspole, and burna.

I also painted a "bone cross" on his bike cowl so everyone knows he's the Dok!

So that's it. I'm itching to get these guys on the field, with the new Deff Rolla rules and see what the army can do!


What do you think? Use the standard base for the model, or buy something that looks good? Jawaballs has a great line of affordable custom resin bases in his store to choose from!.  You can also checkout my blog Spikey Bits  for more custom tips, and tricks for customizing your models!


Brent said...

No doubt, you have some of the nicest Ork models around. I thought you used them as Guard though? Are your Nobs used as Rough Riders or do you have a traditional Ork army as well?

Good luck - Brent

Michael said...

Good looking models.

Like the idea of the article, although I am one of those guys with half or three quarter painted minis that are on bases that are bare as could be.

My "ADD" prevents me from getting them finished and done.

But thanks for the inspiration!

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