Coming up this week on Jawaballs Live!

Last week over 50 people tuned in for Jawaballs Live. They go to have a go at QnA and I did a nice impromptu painting tutorial for both Red and White.

This week's agenda:

Jawaballs converts his new Storm Raven and talks New Blood Angels lists and tactics. Join us for a live discussion about the new dex that every one's talking about!

6pm EST (New York) on Wednesday March 17.

Visit my new Jawaballs Live channel on ustream. At 6pm EST and lets have some fun. No Password for the time being. Enjoy!



Devinstater said...

Broadcasting On St. Paddy's day? Blasphemy.

You better record that stuff, I would like to tune it, but it's not going to happen.

jawaballs said...

I will record bits. Do a shot of Jameson for me!

Steve said...

wednesday night is my game night, blah. i will watch it later though for sure.

sgtNACHO said...

Is that my art? No it can't be! but it is!! haha Thanks Chris

sounds good hopefully I'll remember it this time :P

jawaballs said...

Haha sorry I forgot who sent that to me!

slackpeatos said...

What happened jawa you weren't there we missed you :(.

jawaballs said...

I know, was a rough week, I will make up for it next time!

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