White Dwarf Delays?

Grr, it is March 9th and I am just now getting my subscription copy of the March White Dwarf with Battle Missions on the cover in the mail. That is crap. I don't know what the benefit of subscribing to WD is any more. I used to get it in the last 10 days of the previous month. Now it comes almost two weeks into the current? That is a 20-30 day swing! But also, you used to get free exclusive subscription models. Now you are blessed with the option to buy them. I will be allowing my subscription to expire, and heading out to the comic store next week to pick up next months Blood Angels edition... a month before mine will arrive in the mail.



MonkeyLeader said...

I've given up on the White Dwarf years ago, when they included the Lord of the Rings section in it.

I was never a big Warhammer player, so my interest was always with the 40K section. When they shrunk both sections to accommodate LOTR and turned the WD into nothing but an running advertisement, I figured it wasn't worth my money anymore.

WD used to have great gaming articles, painting articles, modelling and scenery stuff; but now that I flip through the pages in the store, it's just a running advertisement for new releases.

I don't mind them advertising up coming releases, but if i'm not playing the army they are writing about, then I'm just not interested in paying for the advertisement. I can visit their website for that type of information.

I am willing to pay for new scenarios, missions, gaming styles, sneak peeks, painting tips, modelling and conversion tips, scenery tips, etc. If they had more of that in WD, then it would be worth spending money on it.

jawaballs said...

I hear you on those WD issues. They are all valid. The only reason I like to keep it around is that I do get a lot from their painting articles, be it WFB, LOTR or 40k. This current issue has a nice article about hand painting. Most that I have learned about painting has come from WD in fact. That being said, there are maybe 4 or 5 isssues a year that have a good painting article. I have found myself now opening it up when it comes in, thumbing through for the painting article and mentally filing it away, then putting it on a shelf. Since they have raised the prices of the subscriptions a lot from what I paid for my two year sub, and have dropped the free bonus model, I will just buy the ones I want from the comic shop.

Akenseth said...

I just got my issue yesterday as well. Things seem to be taking forever as of late. At least I got it before the "local" game store did.

DarkChaplain said...

I collected the german ones from 103 (4th Edition WH40k incoming) until the price rose from ~6€ to 7€ - compared to a computer magazine with full dvds that's a shame - and so I dropped it shortly after War of the Ring..

I don't regret it.

But anyways, I see that there is no use in preorders or subscriptions anymore - e.g. today Final Fantasy XIII is finally out in europe, you can be happy if you get the order today. ...the game hit the stores over the last 3 days, you could already buy them 3 days before release, and all you get as a subscriber/preorderer are delays, delays and stupid excuses.

WD isn't the same anymore, it's all about selling the new stuff, nothing about supporting the hobby - there it goes, Games Workshops-"HOBBY"Magazine -.-

FoxPhoenix135 said...

I don't blame you. That is why I only look at the WDs in the local retailer... I also cannot justify the price of a single issue... for 9 dollars I have half the cost of a new BA special character.

I mean, for a year, we're talking the price of a land raider and then some. Not worth it to me, even though some of the stuff is useful.

Teeef said...

I dropped my subscription because I never had it before I could buy it in the store. I live in between 3 GWs and two LGS. I do love the painting articles and the scenic ideas but subscriptions should give you either "First" or discount.

If I lived farther from a store I would probably subscribe. Sadly a fool and his money...

sonsoftaurus said...

Same here, though I *still* haven't gotten mine yet. Ridiculous. I have the actual product before I get the preview issue featuring it.

I too like the painting articles. Mostly got it for those and the pretty pictures. :-) But if I'm getting it a month behind, forget it. It's especially galling since they advertise that you'll get subscriptions *earlier* than the stores do.

commanderduskstorm said...

I've always bought mine from my LGS, but it's an hour away and I'm finding now that they get fewer every month, I almost couldn't get last month's, i grabbed the last one just before another person. Since I live soooo far out I'm actually thinking of getting a subscription, at least then I'll be guarenteed to get the ones I want. I'll be p*&sedif I'm unable to get the BA copy lol.

Flekkzo said...

Has anyone written White Dwarf to let them know why they loose a buyer? It's an honest question, not meant to pissy. I do agree that I wish they could step up and make it more hobby heavy.

Parcival said...

Hmm, I have been waiting longer than usual for my latest couple White Dwarfs as well. They used to be at my doorstep on the 22nd of any given month, but now they arrive earliest on the 1st.

So far I thought it's an issue because I get the German copy and the German distributor is lagging. Seeing that this is happening in North America as well just confirms that GW isn't properly taking care of their magazine.

Right now I only get the WD because my wife had the idea to give it to me for my birthdays, but recently I told her not to renew the subscription. I mean, I can watch most of the pictures online as well, the only other things I care about are the battle reports and the painting guides. However, there's a plethora of painting guides on the web as well and you learn more about competitive play over at BoLS than in any WD.

Yes, I wrote to them after I got really mad at the last December WD. I told them that "other companies give away their Christmas shopping catalogues for free", but I never got an answer.

Anonymous said...

Our interest in the 'articles' in WD had been waning for some time. I kept reading them because they arrived every month, but my wife stopped reading them a year ago. When they forgot to send us a renewal reminder and our subscription ended, we decided it wasn't worth the aggravation to re-subscribe.

Additionally, for years now, the "free" model with the subscription has had no bearing on either of our armies. The last couple have been centrepiece models, really, and neither of us collects dwarfs to make it otherwise useful. We've always thought it would have been easier for GW to say free blister up to X dollars with subscription.

When we've flipped through the customer open copy at the local GW since our subscription lapsed, there hasn't been anything interesting enough to make us want to buy the mag.

jawaballs said...

I just sent them a thoughtful email with some of these concerns. At least some one will hear our voice!

Thomas said...

Sadly, I am in the same position with WD. I live in California and used to receive my subscription copy by the 20th of the month...then it was the 27th...now it is March 10th and I've not received my issue for February. I called GW and they confirmed it was late and will send a replacement copy.

I was disapointed that the customer service rep didn't apologize or "try" to do anything to make it right..he even noted that it was my last issue but there was not even a question as to whether I wanted to renew my subscription.

At this point, I'll buy the issues I want and use my subscription money for other stuff.

Disappointing to say the least but having a subscription is no longer a benefit so I'm letting mine lapse.


jawaballs said...

It really is a drag when it is in stores weeks before you get it. You have already thumbed through it and/or read about the important stuff online. I have several copies still in their plastic wrap because I already saw them in the store and had no interest.

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