List Help? Here was a quick email asking for new list help.

Hey JawaBalls I'm a BA player in Kentucky MWG forum nake MadMedek. I bet your even more excited about the new BA stuff coming out than I am. I've read your thoughts on the blog, but I would be honored if I could get your opinion on me ideas on my new BA army. ON HAND FIGS:
-OOP BA captian he looks like Dante in the Tycho Pose (I field as Dante right now)
-2 Rhinos May convert one unfinished one to a Razor
-bike squad x 3
-Tactical squad AoBR
-Assault squad
-Terminator squad AoBR
I really don't see me trying to deep strike the LR or using Termies. I want to sell the Bike due tue clearing space for BAAL FA now. So here's what I'm thinking

HQ- Dante with SANG Guard
Heavy Support- Vindicator
FA- 2 Baal Preds
Elietes- 2 Sang Priests
Troops- RAS x5 in Razor HF
RAZ x5 in Razor HF
Rhino with DC 5 or more
DP with Furioso
DP with Furioso

I'll allocate extra equipment as points allow
What you think? Thoughts I need some figs.. sigh cha ching!

Ok, here are my quick thoughts. 2 dreads in pods is good. Play your LR and fill it with nasty things. Drop one of the pods empty, and run the occupant behind your LR. Get a chaplain in there. They still control DC dreads right? I don't actually have the full codex yet. :) I'm not sure you need Dante. Just put a cheapo libby in there. Run the LR down his throat with the dread behind supported by Baals. Drop the empty pod turn one for DP Assault. Drop it near a far away objective to contest it. Move up your LR and boys so that on turn two, when hopefully your 2nd pod comes down, there is so much to worry about that that dread will live. Razors with RAZ squads and tacticals are both strong choices still. If you play a tac, get a Las in there. DC in a rhino is ok. Give a few Power Weapons and you are good.

I have yet to playtest any thing so I am just going on my 40k knowledge of what makes a good list.

I will hopefully get in a playtest game this weekend with my new list. THen I can give some real advice! JB


Doc Railgun said...

Looks good. Dante and some Sang Guard will be potent and will have pinpoint accuracy, but they can still be killed in one shot the large blasts that everyone will be carting around with their Fast Vindicators. Personally I'm going to go Dread-heavy myself.

I guess you're going to put your Sanguinary Priests in Razorbacks with some of your RAS? Though it's a waste of Furious Charge, I think power fists still have a place in this army, especially since most people will expect to see a lot of power weapons so may tool up on high T figures.

Nagamo said...

Jawa is right if you ask me, Dante is kind of misplaced in this list. He has lost his bubble and an army has to be build around him now, if he should be worth the points. I will just take a cheap HQ like the librarian (a very good choise in the new dex) and add an honour guard (you can take 1 for each HQ). The BA chaplain is a little more expansive, but you will need a hard hitting unit to attach him. As far as I remember they don´t let you get rid of DCs rage, by the way. The rest of the army seems to be okay, but it all depends on the fine tuning. The 3 HF on the Razorbacks is risky, I would mix in some other configurations. I really like the Las/Plas Razorback as a substitute for tactical marines...

Parcival said...

Nagamo is correct, you can't control the DC anymore, even when a Chaplain/Reclusiarch is present. They will always assault the nearest enemy.

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