Battle Formations of the Blood Angels

+++ Transmission Begins +++
O Brother-Captain Dante,

May the Emperor grant this report comes to you at a useful time, but of course there is no way to be certain if it has arrived on-time or many years too late due to the vagaries of the Warp. Still, I hope this will be useful to you nonetheless.

Per your request, I have compiled a small number of examples pertaining to task forces I and my subordinate commanders have formed from the Second Company. Though this is far from comprehensive, it may prove interesting, and any comments you may have will surely prove instructive to me.

Due to the diligent efforts of our artificers, my Second Company has a great deal more armor and Dreadnoughts than many of our Brother Chapters. Thus we have often departed somewhat from the Codex Astartes when creating strike forces and the like. Success will show that we adhere to the spirit of the Codex if not always to the letter.

For the simulation sometimes known as "'ard Boyz" (my understanding is that this is a Xeno term), we have considered this:

Brother-Captain Tycho unfortunately inducted into the Death Company.

4 full Tactical squads armed with a melta and lascannon, the sergeant armed with a power weapon. These would be Combat squadded, and half the squad would use a lascannon turret-armed Razorback to assault the enemy while the other half provided fire support.

2 Predators armed with extra armor, lascannon sponsons, and an autocannon turret,

Ancient Toran, who remains a potent psyker despite being entombed in a Dreadnought sarcophagus,

3 Sanginary Priests to inflame the ardor of our Battle Brothers to the proper pitch, though of course we know this is ever-dangerous,

A Vindicator fitted with a siege shield,

and a Baal Predator, armed with heavy bolter sponsons and either its usual armament or a Flamestorm cannon depending on the foes faced in the simulation.

However, our standard deployment formations usually consist of one of the following:

If we are to face enemy armor, we might send much as above, only leaving one of the Tactical squads, their transports, a Sanguinary Priest, and the Baal behind.

If we are likely to face mostly infantry, we may well deploy

a Librarian,

4 5-man Assault squads carrying a melta, a power fist, and in a heavy flamer-armed Razorback,

a Baal Predator equipped with assault cannons, heavy bolters, extra armor, and a storm bolter,

a Vindicator with a siege shield and extra armor,

a dreadnought with two twin-linked autocannons and extra armor

a Furioso Librarian

a dreadnought with an assault cannon

and a Furioso with two Blood Talons, extra armor, and a heavy flamer.


+++Transmission Ends +++


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