Rulebook study for the new Codex

+++ Transmission Begins +++

Though the Blood Angels Codex release is a few weeks away yet, let me direct you to a few bits from the main rulebook to get the reader ready.

(p. 42) Lightning claws allow the wielder to reroll failed to wound rolls. They also ignore armor saves like a power weapon.

Page 35 ("Who Can Fight?") states that only models in base contact with a model in another unit or within 2" of a friendly model in base contact with an enemy model may attack in that close combat... BUT they can still be killed by the enemy and the result of the combat will still affect them.

"Allocating Wounds" (p. 39) reenforces this last point, as it reminds us that ALL of the models in the target unit can be hit, wounded, and killed, including those that are not engaged. In fact, the section encourages players to take casualties from non-engaged units so that the engaged units can strike back.

There is an Apocalypse datasheet for the Orks that consists of 100+ Orks. It is considered one single unit for all purposes. Thus, it follows that even if a model in this 'uge mob was 8' away from a model attacking one end of the mob, it can be taken off as a casualty but only the models within 2" of an engaged model can attack.

+++ Transmission Ends +++

Doc points out some of those "Duh" rules that I am fond of talking about myself. It is interesting that you could assault a squad of orks, and models a foot away get taken off the table. The question is, how can you use this to your advantage? A Tau player I met up in a tournament used a squadron of Piranah very well, hiding two so that he would always get a cover save, and giving those the wounds. They were tough to take down!



Michael said...

I wonder where this is going. Are these rules supposed to coincide with tactics from the new BA book?

Are there future articles in this line that will help this make sense? Or is this a stand-alone, brush-up-on-your-rules type thing?

Help me understand please.

jawaballs said...

I think he is going someplace with this. :)

Doc Railgun said...

It will make sense when everyone gets to look at what a Furioso with 2 Blood Talons can do. It's a bit of a stretch to suggest that it can reliabily kill 100+ Orks in one Assault phase, but it's theoretically possible.

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