It's official!

With just over a week left my Kickstart promoting my new line of painting tutorial DVDs called The Jawaballs Way has reached it's mark!  Now it is time to push it with some new rewards. I will be posting up additional rewards today, offering great deals on stuff I happen to have around. So grab yourself some painting tutorials and some sweet swag!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the actual painted models for the tutorials. Check out MY KICKSTART and get in on the deal! You get two free DVDs through the promotional preorder price on the kickstarter. 

Cryx Warjack!

This model is part of the "Black and White" disc. I will
also be painting a White Assault Marine and Ravenwing biker.

I also teach how to make this base on the "Basing and Display" disc.

Khador Mechanik Officer!

I use mostly P3 paints on the Warmachine models and do my
own interpretation of the recipes straight from their army books.

Some Jawa Grey! I do a full tutorial on how to do it.

A humble Blood Angel tactical marine! Part of the
"Red and Yellow" disc

A Space Hulk Tyranid from the "Blue and Green" disc.
Not every model you paint needs to be epic!

Thanks to every one for their awesome support!


The Jawaballs Way: Half way done, almost there!

My Kickstarter is half way over, and I have reached 83% of my goal. That is outstanding! Thanks go out to every one who has supported this project.

But it is not over yet! We have two more weeks to really push for the roof. I set the goal at 7k, but I would love to see it double that!

I have some sweet stretch goals planned where I will be offering up painted models at prices I have never offered before.  For example, one of the most famous Vindicators on the internet will be offered up as a stretch goal.  HERE IT IS in all it's old school Blood Angels glory, as featured as the main image on   This vindicator is significant not for it's outstanding paint job, frankly it doesn't hold up to my current tanks even though it still looks awesome. No, this was one of the first tanks I ever painted, a bit of Jawaballs history. Also it has some of my first handpainting.

Any way. I will be putting this up as a stretch goal once I hit my 7k goal along with lots of other great little bits from the Jawaballs closet. I will be clearing out old sprues, Eldar, Grey Knights, Vampire Counts, and who knows what else! All at prices I have never even considered previously. Currently I have my squad of painted Blood Knights up there for 250 bucks and it comes with your choice of a DVD.  They are gorgeous!  I also have a tabletop ready Dark Angels vindicator up there that I painted during my live Miniwargaming show.

The next couple weeks should be a pretty exciting stretch with lots of great deals on some beautifully painted stuff. Stay tuned because you can always upgrade your pledge! Bounce on over to my KICKSTARTER and get your pledge in and thank you for your fantastic support!


Lots of marines?

If you have not noticed, marines in the Dark Angel codex are much less expensive than Blood Angels!

We have always wanted to play a full company in a game. You know what I mean... 100 marines, proud and strong.  But with points and such, this has not really been possible!

Well now it is with the Dark Angels codex.

I forget the points exactly, but for 2k you get the fourth company:

Company Commander
x6 ten man tacticals with Plasma Cannon
x2 ten man Assault
x3 ten man Devastator. (Or was it two. I don't have my book in hand. Matters not, just look up the 4th company load out in the codex, whatever it says there, that is it!) I think I even squeezed in a couple rhinos.

Oh and each Dev squad has all plasma cannons, minus one or two to make the point cost.

The key is the cheaper units without vet sergeants. Azrael gives them army wide LD 10. So you don't need the vet!  With all of those Dark Vengeance tacticals floating around for cheap, now is the time to throw this army together. Bust out your book, point out the army, and ebay yourself some tacticals! Will the army win? Well, 6th Ed has become a game of attrition. 100 marines in cover are tough to kill in five rounds, and you have enough plasma to eat into the hoardiest of hoards. You are not going to beat some of the uber Sean Nayden Dark Eldar Beast Eldrad Combos from hell. Lots of Chaos dragons are probably going to burn your ass. But with some tactics you will have a chance to beat normal armies.

Have some fun!


The Walking Dead returns!

But do we care?


I can't believe I typed that. But it is true! I find myself not really caring about TWD...

Of course I will watch it. But the last few episodes of the first half of season three left me with nothing to write about!  That makes me sad.

Why?  But this is the best season yet... right?

Sure, we have more Michael Bay like action... we also have an easily Michael Bay sort of easily identifiable Good and Bad. We have sides. We have a hero and an anti hero. We have a plot, and a conflict and something to fight against thus creating drama and something to be over come.

We have The Last Samurai! We have Armageddon. We have Independence Day.

All fun to watch movies, but are any of them great?

Season three has turned TWD into a hollywood sort of block bluster show by spelling it all out for us.

I lament the loss of the farm!  Season two caught a lot of flack for that stupid and simple setting. But I counter that the farm was the genius of season two!

It left the drama up to the actors. The villains were within. Every one had their demons. There were no heroes! That is what made the farm so good. It left us to wonder, and interpret what the characters were thinking. Now there is no need. Gone are the Lori head games. Shane freak outs. Rick disbelief. (Scratch that... he still has that down.) Dale whining and us rooting for Glen to bang the hottie.

We have this guy...

Fans of the comic might like this dude, but I just don't see it. This picture is it! This is all he brings to the character. They may as well have created a puppet out of clay on a stick that looks like this, and had Jim Henson dance him around the screen.  The 'love' scenes between him and Andrea are just awkward  Especially when compared to the raw animal passion between her and Shane in the car. He delivers his lines with no variety at all, and his best scenes are when he is not speaking at all, but instead glowering at a bunch of zombie heads in aquariums.

We went from watching Shane descend into madness, in a believable and realistic downward spiral...

To J.J. Abrams "Lost" sort of snippets, slowly leaking the fact that The Governor is crazy.

I find myself just not caring. Especially when a prosthetic zombie head floating in water is just as good at acting out an emotion as this dude. (Maybe this is a nod to the fact that we are all insane... all already dead... all zombies?) Is that grief? or constipation...

It is not all horrible. We have some of the most powerful moments of television ever...

You could feel every ounce of pain...

I wanted to charge into the TV myself and help her...

But overall, I have found season three lacking. I miss the farm.

So with sort of eager anticipation, I find myself sorta looking forward to Sunday at 9 EST.

Here is to a better second half!


Jawaballs Live! On MWG Vault.

Here is the link for you to catch my live show on the Miniwargaming Vault! CLICK HERE.

You can access the live show for free, but must be a vault member to watch the recordings of mine and all of the other great MWG content.  My live show airs every Tuesday at 8pm EST. I do a variety of painting and hobby projects, whatever is on my desk at the time, and do a Q and A session, answering all questions in the chat.

Tonight I will be discussing my Kickstart, and working more on my Dark Vengeance Deathwing Terminators and Land Raider!

Here is your chance to connect live with Jawaballs!

More to come.


Kickstart well under way! And the MWG Vault.

I launched my new Kickstarter  and in just a couple of days we have met over a third of my lofty goal!  That is outstanding!

What is a kickstarter? In case you missed it, HERE IT IS.

A kickstarter is an organization that helps dudes like me raise backing to launch new projects. In my case, it is my series of six new DVDs called The Jawaballs Way: How to Paint Wargame Miniatures.

What are you getting? Each disc tackles different models and colors from both Games Workshop and Privateer Press. I am still working out how chock each disk with as much as possible, but I estimate about four hours of instruction for each set!

Disc One: Yellow and Red.  I am painting a Lamenter, Blood Angel and Khador Mechanik.  The lamenter alone is about an hour and a half of footage!

Disc Two: Blue and Green. I am painting an Ultramarine, Cygnar Warcaster, Tyranid, Dark Angel and Librarian

Disc Three: Bone and Grey. I am painting a Deathwing Terminator, Cryx Jack, Space Wolf and Grey Knight nonmetallic metal!

Disc Four: Black and White: I am painting a Ravenwing Biker, Death Company, White Death Company and Menoth jack.

Disc Five: Detailing and Hand Painting. I will be doing all the details, from gemstones, to power swords. Eye lenses, scopes, purity seals. Also I will be doing hand painting, skulls, scrolls, numbers and letters!

Disc Six: Hobby and Tools. You will see the tools of my trade. My paint station, and brushes. But also you will see how I do my basing, and make my award winning displays!

So get in on the deal now by VISITING HERE. You can have all six DVDs for 80 bucks. I am also offering digital versions of the discs.

As far as HD, I am producing them with as high HD quality as I can, and still fit every thing I have planned on disc.  I wish I could offer them all in 1080p, but it is just not possible as the Lamenters footage alone consumes almost 18 gigs of space.

Thank you for all of your outstanding support!

Also, my Jawaballs Live show is back on the air as part of the Miniwargaming vault. Be sure to check it out every Tuesday at 8pm EST!


The Jawaballs Way: A kickstarter is launched!

Hey Folks!

I started producing How to Paint tutorials about six years ago, and in that time, have received tens of thousands of comments and emails from dudes thanking me for helping them with their hobby.

Well, I figured it was time to revamp my products. And now is your chance to show your support for me!

My skills have improved, and new paints are available, so here you go!

The Jawaballs Way: How to Paint Wargame Miniatures!

I have started a Kickstarter to raise capital to get an entirely new line of DVDs produced.  I am making a series of six double length discs.

One. Yellow and Red:  I will paint a Lamenter, Blood Angel and Khador Battle Mechanik Officer in high definition.

Two. Blue and Green: I will paint a Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster, Ultramarine, Terminator Librarian, Dark Angel and Tyranid!  Phew that is going to be a huge set.

Three. Bone and Wolf Grey:  I will paint a Deathwing Terminator, Cryx Bone Jack, and Space Wolf.

Four. Black and White: The two hardest colors to paint!  I will paint a Ravenwing Biker, Menoth Warjack model, and White and Black Death Company models using the Jawaballs techniques.

Five. Detailing and Hand Painting: I will paint eye lenses, power weapons, lightning effects, scopes, banners, scrolls and hand painted insignia, numbers and skulls just to name a few!

Six. Hobby and tools: I will cover the tools of my trade and demonstrate in depth how to make several different bases and a competition level display board!

How is that for a comprehensive set???

Each DVD is going to be a full function DVD with menus and a full color printed disc in a compact, full color eco sleeve.  I estimate no less than four hours of instruction PER DISC!

What is a kickstarter?

This is a fund raising website to promote new business and projects. Essentially you pledge to preorder your discs. Once I have reached my goal, the order becomes reality and you are charged for the purchase. I then collect the cash and get the DVDs produced, then mailed out to you.  I set the goal of this kickstart at 7000 dollars. Each disc will cost about 1150 to have printed and mailed to me in bulk. I will then ship the discs to you, within the US, at no additional cost. Shipping world wide will cost a few extra bucks.  You will have a chance to pick your disc of choice.

The DVDs will be zoned for US, so you foreigners will have to adjust, though I am sure you are used to that.

So go ahead and check out my Kickstarter and get yourself some new painting DVDs and help me out at the same time! Also included in the top tiers of the kickstarter are chances to get yourself a custom painted HQ or Jawabanner at a nice discount.  You can't lose!

EDIT: I am working on a new way to reliably provide digital content, so I created digital options if you prefer that way. Stay tuned for details!