New Blood Angels Incoming!

So from what I just saw the new BA codex is set to drop next week, along with a new BA centered tactical squad.  The rumors have been back and forth on this, but from what it appears on the cover of the new White Dwarf, it looks like a new BA tac squad kit!  Finally...  :)

Now to figure out how to fund a new army with my new financial situation... I am sure a lot of us have the same problem, especially with the holidays around. What happens if Santa doesn't stop at our house and we want the new Blood Angels?

Maybe this new program at The Battle Standard will do the trick!  (If you live close enough to take advantage of it that is.) Visit the site HERE. Sounds like a winner to me! More gaming stores should run programs like this. Jawaballs

Re-Rolled Miniatures Program

At The Battle Standard we are on a never-ending quest to accommodate all tabletop gamers.  From those that appreciate the modeling side of miniature gaming to those that just want every army at their disposal regardless of how it looks on the tabletop.  This is why we created the Re-Rolled Miniatures Program.
What is the Re-Rolled Miniatures Program?
Have you purchased an army with the intent to use it and just never seemed to get around to using it?  Have you received a miniature as a gift that after using it for a while, just doesn’t suit your play style?  Are you simply uninterested in the building and painting aspect of the hobby?  If any of these examples sound familiar, the Re-Rolled Miniatures Program might be right for you.
  • Sellers: The Battle Standard does the work for you.  We take in any number of your used miniatures whether they are assembled, painted or otherwise and display them for sale for you.  You name the price and we do the work.  Our trained staff works around miniatures daily and they will sell your miniatures with the same knowledge and enthusiasm that we sell our new, in-box products.  A brightly lit, glass display case will showcase your items in a location where people are looking to find them.  Say goodbye to ebay sales where shipping is always an issue and in the end you lose money to ebay charges.  Gone are the days of posting on countless forums and through social media hoping for a response from someone reputable.  Simply bring in what you’re selling, we sell it, and you receive the exact same amount of store credit it sold for on a reusable gift card good for any product in the store or available via special order.  It really is that easy.
  • Buyers:  For those customers looking to get into the excitement of Tabletop Miniature Gaming for the first time, a used army is an appealing solution.  Perhaps you have an army already but you’d like to expand?  Taking on a gently used regiment or squad can be a quick way to enhance your game.  Buy used and buy for less.  Receive more for your gaming dollar.  No need to buy online.  No need to wait for shipping.  No need to worry about broken miniatures arriving at your door.  See what you want on display and take it home that day.  We are constantly rotating used product so come visit us and see what’s on display today!
Whether you’re looking for that inexpensive gateway into Tabletop Miniature Gaming or you want to sell off that army that’s been battling nothing but dust bunnies in your closet all year, The experts agree that The Battle Standard’s Re-Rolled Miniatures Program is the solution for you!

It's been quiet

Hi Folks,

So I have been extremely quiet of late. I have not been posting to Youtube, doing my live show, or blogging. I just have not been doing any painting or gaming at all. I am not gone, just taking a hobby hiatus while I am working out family stuff. Without getting too into it, I am separating from the wife and dealing with all of the emotional and financial fun that goes with it.  On top of that is graduate school, a thesis research project and blah blah.

 Pretty much the worst environment known to man  in terms of blogging and hobby.

Things will start to normalize in a couple of months and I will get back to regular posting.

In the meantime I will be working on my Robotech Tactics army when I find time, and patiently waiting for the new Blood Angels codex. When the book drops, I will be painting a new army.

Until then I am trying to raise funds! I need to pay off debt and work towards getting my own place.

I am selling all three of my current armies.

My Red Blood Angels assault army. This is my fairly famous army from Nova a few years ago which was a finalist for best army. It won 5 other GT best painted, a handful of players choice, and over a dozen small tournament best painted awards.  The army comes complete with a custom fit Battle Foam Pack Go.

My Tau army. I painted this army with love but only played it a few times. It actually won a tournament best painted when it wasn't even finished!  The army comes with a transport case, hard cover Tau codex, and 5 or 6 tanks that have been assembled and base painted including devilfish and a skyray. There are also new in box vespid, fire warriors and some more kroot.

My Lamenters.  Hand painted checks and all.

You know the quality of my armies and have followed them here for years and all three of these will win best painted at just about any tournament you go to.  I am entertaining reasonable interest. Contact me and we can talk.

I also am still selling my painting tutorial DVDs.  Find them HERE.

And finally I am still accepting orders for full sized banners.  :)

Thanks for all the support over the years!