Redemption of the Fallen and the Greater Good!

Lots of stuff going on.

First, I have finished my unit for the Redemption of the Fallen!  In case you have not been following, I am involved with another charity army build project this year. This time we are painting a Dark Angels army in support of Doctors Without Borders and sponsored by The Warstore, Secret Weapon Miniatures and The Nova!  I painted up some Ravenwing Knights and an Apothecary.

Information on the entire army can be FOUND HERE. But the short of it is that you can win this entire army, about 2k points of Dark Angels. All you have to do is donate! For every dollar you donate your name will be entered once into the pool and the winner will be drawn at The Nova Open.  You need not be present to win, and the Nova will ship world wide.  The army will come with its own custom KR Multicase too.

What else?

The Greater Good!

I primed with grey then base coated with Raw Umber

The tops of the tanks were painted with a Valejo Model Air tan

I tried to get a fade going on. I need to work it further.

Sergeant for FW Squad Alpha

Bring in the Mechs!

Unhappy with my first top base coat, I hit them with Vallejo Ochre, 

Then a lighter yellow, then finished with a Badger Yellow Ochre.
Now they are ready for the paint brush, but I may hit them with
a darker tan in the recessed areas first.

I need to learn how to Airbrush!

The Sergeant prepares to lead his squad.

More to come as I work on my Tau! I will be playing in the Trios at The Nova this year, plus I will have my own table set up the entire weekend and I will take on all comers! Come beat me down. :)


Redemption of the Fallen Charity Army WIP

Win an army!

Here are a couple shots of my Apothecary WIP for the Redemption of the Fallen project!  Get TICKETS HERE. Granted he is still a bit rough, but that is why it is called WIP!

In case you don't know what it is, the Redemption of the Fallen is a charity army project benefiting Doctors Without Borders, and sponsored by The Nova Open and The Warstore among many others.

More specifically there are three armies being raffled off for charity.  One of which, a Dark Angels army, I am painting models for!  I am painting a Ravenwing Black Knight squad along with an Apothecary.

Who else is involved?  Only some of the biggest names in gaming like Dave Taylor!  Check out some of the artists HERE.

What else do you get?

Well you get a full 1850 or so Dark Angels army complete with all that makes the Dark Angels special. You also get a transport from KR Multicase, codex and  lots of goodies.  Read about the army  HERE.

So how do you win?

Visit THE PAGE and purchase tickets. Every one dollar enters your name into the pool once. SO donating 10 dollars will enter your name 10 times.  Then the winner of the army will be drawn from the pool of entries.   The more you donate, the better your chances of winning!

The winner is being drawn at The Nova Open, on 9/1/13.  And the army will be shipped to the winner FREE OF CHARGE.  You need not be present at The Nova to win!

Sounds like an awesome deal to me. :)

Get in on this!


Black Templars Armageddon Crusade Banner

Hey guys,

Here is my newest full sized banner!

Black Templars Armageddon Crusade Banner.

Full Sized Black Templars Armageddon Crusade Banner


Heraldy of Helbrecht and the Black Templars

Here is a video!

If you want a banner let me know!


Full Sized Lamenters Banner!

Full Sized Lamenters Banner
Just finished another banner!  This one is a sort of custom one for The Lamenters!  We have the standard white and black checks with the bleeding heart. On one of the tabs we have a custom logo, a lightning bolt going through a heart. Then there are the standard Jawa bits like the scroll and honor plaques. Finally I added a laurel wreath at the top to break up the open space.

This is one of my favorite banners to date!  Scroll down for the short youtube video.

Lamenters Banner WIP

Lamenters Banner Bleeding Heart and Laurel Wreath

Custom Lamenters Icon


Lamenters Logo