New Necron Info!

Hi guys. I received this info today via email from an anonymous source about the new Necron codex. He seems to know mostly what he is talking about! I thought you would appreciate!  I don't know much about the Necrons but figure some of you would enjoy. Jawaballs

 I do have the Necron codex 
however and I'd like to point out something that allot of people are 
getting wrong at the moment. Listening to the 11th Company podcast atm 
and they mention that Reanimation Protocols are pretty much useless, 
they don't have the codex yet and are going by rumours and for some 
reason think RP is on 6+. 

 Reanimation Protocols is basically FNP or Regeneration from Fantasy but 
with less restrictions.

It's not a saving throw so can be used against attacks that state 'no 
saves of any kind are allowed'
May be taken against Instant Death.
May NOT be taken against Destroyer weapons or attacks that 'remove from 
If you have FNP and RP you may only chose one of them, RP will always be 
better (Sure both rolls may be 5+ but RP has less restrictions so is 
technically better even if the roll may be the same).

Take armour/invulnerable saves, fail those and you may make a RP roll. 
On 5+ you are ok, the 5+ can be improved by different effects that are 
all cumulative but RP can NEVER be better than 4+. You could make 3+ RP 
(Decurion and Cryptek, if there are other things that increase it you 
would have been able to have a 2+ which makes your army unkillable so 
the restricted it to 4+). 

 Crypteks are pretty much useless now.
They have the "Technomancer" rule which improves RP by +1 so a 4+. Well 
that isn't so bad is it? They cost 65pts compared to Lord 50, have -1S, 
T, A and Sv.
All they have going for them is the Technomancer rule which the Lord 
doesn't have.

The thing that makes them useless is the new Decurion Detachment. Sure 
there are some restrictions when taking it but every model in the 
detachment gets the Ever-living special rule

Ever-living: Models in theis Detachment with the Reanimation Protocols 
special rule receive a +1 bonus to RP rolls. Models in this Detachment 
with the Living Metal rule ignore the effects of Crew Stunned and Crew 
Shaken (but still lose a Hull Point).

What this means is as long as you take a Decurion Detachment your entire 
army will have 4+RP making Crypteks useless and a waste of points 
(unless I'm missing something.). There are no special Cryptek versions 
any more, Lords can take everything a Cryptek can and more whilst the 
Cryptek is restricted on a few items.

The only thing a Cryptek can take that Lords can't is the Chronometron 
which gives any unit the Cryptek is attached to a 5++ against shooting. 
90pts to give a unit a 5++ vs shooting attacks? 

I guess it would work vs 
Tau/Eldar with all their Ignore Cover bullshit?

I'm also quite happy with my favourite Necron unit, the Flayed Ones. 
Still the new shitty fluff with them being hungry (I prefer the insanity 
of losing their flesh so they try to wear the skin of other races to get 
some resemblance of their Necronity (humanity doesn't quite fit) back.  

As all my armies are female as far as possible the fluff is that all my 
flayed ones used to be female Necrontyr and now they want their skin back.

Anyway, the thing that makes they so much better now are:
Two flayer claws - S User, Ap5, Melee Shred
They also gave them Fear which is pretty much useless as most allot of 
armies are immune to it. 

 I believe the above changes is the same that they got in the FW book but 
I can't be bothered to check.
Anyway, with the changes to RP and with the easy of making it a 4+ 
through Decurion Detachments I can see these girls being able to 
actually do something in close combat. They have 4 attacks base (3+ 
2CCW) and 5 attacks on the charge at WS4 and S4. 4+ RP means they wont 
get shot off the table turn one and with Infiltrate you can get them 
quite close to your opponent for a turn 2 charge. 

I would have given them Hatred Everyone (due to my own fluff of them 
being women who want their flesh back so they hate every living creature 
that has flesh) but shred is statistically a better rule to have. Still 
13pts though, I would have preferred them to be 10pts or so for what 
they are but RP makes them really good now so I'm looking forwards to 
see some games with them used.

Triach Stalker are pretty interesting now as the Targeting Relay gives 
all friendly non-vehicle units within 6" +1 to their Ballistic skill.  

This is extremely good with you have Praetorians or other models nearby 
with really deadly weapons. BS5, S5 Ap2 attacks are nothing to ignore, 
especially from Praetorians that are jump infantry.

Lychguard at 25pts a pop is really good as well, for +5pts per model 
they get power swords and 3++. Not the best but it's still just 30pts 
for 3+/3++ and RP.

Night Scythes are now Fast attack and the only change, besides the 
+30point cost, is that if it has moved 24" or more units disembarking 
can only fire Snap Shots. Passengers ignore all ill effects and if 
destroyed enter ongoing reserves just like in the old book. 

With the change to Fast attack this means I can start with 15 Flayed 
Ones inside it whilst still in reserves right?

Wraiths are better, they went up +5pts but for that they got +1T, they 
are now Beasts but with Wraithflight can move over all other models and 
terrain. I believe they made this change so you wouldn't be able to put 
them in Night Scythes.

 As for points cost :
Wraith 35/40
Whip coils 10/3 - 45 vs 43
Particle Caster 5/5 - 40 vs 45
Transdimensional beamer 15/10 - 50 vs 50

So the whip coil version became cheaper compared to the old cost and 
afaik this is the most used config. They become I5 with whipcoils (+3I) 
but I do believe they are reduced to I1 when moving through terrain. 

 Wraithflight: When moving, Canoptek Wraiths can move over all other 
models and terrain as if they were open ground. However, they cannot end 
their move on top of other models and can only end their move on top of 
impassable terrain if it is possible to actually place the models on top 
of it.

 Now the question is does charging into assault count as movement or is 
it assaulting? If it's movement they you count as moving through open 
terrain and wouldn't have you initiative reduced? Right?

Scarabs no longer eat armour values, they just auto wound and glance on 
6+ To Wound/Pen. They now cost 20pts so +5pts, still usable and scary in 
CC vs vehicles and perhaps MCs but other than that they are pretty meh.

 Doom Scythe is 15pts cheaper but deathray is nerfed to hell as we've all 
seen from the rumours. 24" S10 Ap1 Heavy 1, Blast, Lance
Sure it glances every vehicle in the game on 2+ but still. They could 
have given it a 2 profile weapon or something. Like S7 Ap3 Large blast 
or Heavy 6 S7 Ap3.
I guess one positive thing is that you could technically take 20-40 Doom 
Scythes through the Decurion Detachment and each Deathbringer Flight 
(2-4 Doom Scythes) causes models within 12" to have -1Ld

Monolith is same old, either good or shit depending on how you rule the 
Deepstriking Skimmer problem of them not being able to mishap from 
landing on friendly or enemy models or say the rule doesn't take effect 
because deep strike isn't movement/ mishap happens before movement so 
the rule wouldn't apply or whatever other reason you can think of why 
this rule wouldn't apply. 

They can however no longer suck in models and eat them :(

C'tans and Mind Shackle Scarabs
C'tans are a bit more interesting imo and they combo with each other as 
well as with MSS.
The Deciever has the Dread rule which causes all units within 12" to 
suffer -2 to their Leadership. Nightbringer has the Gaze of Death which 
is a shooting power with 12" range that causes wounds equal to 3D6 minus 
leadership on the target unit at Ap2 with Ignores Cover.

 Meh but still a 
combo, same goes for MSS.
If you have the Deceiver within 12" you the Fear check is even harder 
for your opponent to pass. 3D6 on a fear check is pretty good but as it 
doesn't work on Space Mehreenez it will be considered useless by most 
people. They really should remove "And they shall know no fear", 30K 
does well without it and it's an op piece of shit rule that makes it 
annoying to fight SM that are already pointed too cheaply for what you 
get (imo, I'm biased because I pay 12pts for a battle sister that's 
complete shit compared to a SM for +1-2pts). 

 The 3 C'tans are pretty meh, but I think they are more interesting than 
the old book even if you can't customize them in any way. Guess we'll 
have to wait for a C'tan kit before they do that again.

Out of the Formations in the book only one stood out for me.
Canoptek Harvest
1 Spyder, 1 unit of Wraiths, 1 unit of Scarabs
Special Rules: Move Through Cover, Relentless
Adaptive Subroutines: At the start of each of the controlling player's 
movement phases, chose one of the following special rules: Fleet, 
Reanimation Protocols or Shred.

As you can take this formation as part of your Decurion Detachment it 
means you can give your Spyder, Wraiths and Scarabs a 4+ RP. It almost 
means you can move and fire the Transdimensional Beamers on the Wraiths 
as the entire unit has Relentless. Wraiths and Scarabs with Shred is 
pretty nasty as well :D

I wish there was a Flayed Ones formation but at least there is a 
Decurion Detachment so you can take 10 units of them if you want hue hue 

 I'd love to see a Flayed Ones supplement, making them troops, having a 
flayed Overlord and Lords, allowing ghost arks to rebuild flayed ones.
They could at least have made them fearless...

They mentioned on the 11th Company podcast that you can get a 2+ 
re-rollable save but I'm not seeing it, perhaps you need to use items 
from one of the BA vs Nids books. All I can find in the book is the 
Nightmare Shroud which gives you 2+ and Fear, once per game instead of 
shooting you can nominate an enemy unit within 18" and that unit has to 
take a Morale check (Fearless and ATSKNF ignore this). This could 
potentially be extremely good as a unit that's falling back 
automatically fail Morale checks if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, this was allot longer than I intended, was only going to point 
out the Flayed Ones change but threw in some of the others because I was 

The Jawa Forge Returns!! 32mm Scenic Resin Bases

Hey all!  My army of Jawas have been working hard and I present to you the first fruits of their labors...

32mm Scenic Resin Bases!

This first set from the new Jawa Forge is based on a crystaline cron tomb world.  Crystals of various sizes are jutting up from the charred earth, some broken, some standing tall.  There are a variety of grades of gravel for you to paint, and one is even accented with a long forgotten skull!

This set of five bases are the new GW standard 32mm scale. These bases will be coming with most new GW box sets in the future as evidenced by the new Blood Angels Tactical squad and the Deathstorm boxset. So you might as well get a head start and start rebasing your army now!

As I find time I will paint some up in different colors to show you more variety.  These finely crafted resin bases are available now for 5.99 per set of five. The new Necrons are coming... BE READY!

I will have these crystaline bases available in all GW base sizes very soon including the new ones!

I also have two new variety of my classic broken rock coming. One is more of a smooth exposed rock, and one is a more jagged broken rock. They will mesh seamlessly to add more variety to your army.

If the interest is there, I will also create another set of five 32mm Crystaline bases.

More to come!


NMM Gold Dante

Hi guys!

I wanted to share today some WIP images of my Nonmetallic Metal Gold Dante!

Nonmetallic Metal Dante

NMM Dante

I need to work on the lighting for my images but these came out decent.  I used the old Sanguinor Heavy Metal NMM tutorial from White Dwarf, converting the paints to the new Citadel Paints of course.

He is not done, I still need to paint the Axe Mortalis and touch up the wings and some other details.  For the base I used a bit of broken column scenery from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  They were left overs from last years Nova Charity project that he donated. Justin is a great guy and deserves your business so if you are looking for some cool basing bits, or cool bases themselves, look him up!

Back to Dante.  This is one of my favorite models so I was happy when they made him usable again. I dropped the old jump pack though and replaced it with a Sanguinary Guard pack with wings. I just can't imagine Dante letting his subordinates have cooler packs than him!  I finished the base with some brown then red dry brushing to represent Baal Prime and some long grass with a warmer hue.

My direct and edgy painting style shows through on this.  I have been working on getting away from that and instead working on more smooth blending, but honestly every one does that. I am going back to my roots, what I do well, with my new Blood Angels army and letting my style show.  But yes I did cut my paints! :)

Feel free to give thoughts and advice. I am painting a whole honor guard like this so would benefit from input.  If any one can point me towards a NMM Gold walkthrough that is better than the White Dwarf one please do.  It is hard to beat!

More nids, as well as my own review of the Leviathan, Exterminatus and the Sanguinary Guard Codex book sets as well as Deathstorm are on the way soon.

Oh and while I do love Justin and Secret Weapon, I would like to announce a rebirth of the Jawa Forge!  It is clear that GW is going towards 32mm bases as the standard. The new BA tac squad comes with them.  You can imagine that all models will come on them eventually. We might as well embrace this and make the change!  I have a new Broken Rock (my most popular from my old line) set, as well as a Crystaline Tomb World as a nod to the Necron Codex enroute.  I will have a set of bases in each style to base the Deathstorm box set.  The bases are sculpted and ready for casting and will be going into the mold making phase tonight!  I could have them available for sale this weekend... :)  Stay tuned!