Off to Mechanicon!

So I leave tomorrow for Mechanicon. Here are some final pics of my new Tau.

Enjoy! And hopefully I will see some of you at the con.


The Jawaballs Mechanicon Army

Here is my 1850 list that I am taking to Mechanicon next weekend!

Suit Commander with Multi spectrum, COmand and Control and Puretide
No guns

12 man Fire Warrior
12 man Fire Warrior
6 man Fire Warrior
20 man Kroot with one Hound
10 man Krot with one Hound

3 man Broadside with missiles and smart missiles
3 man Broadside with Missiles and smart missiles

3 man Stealth suit
upgrade SGT
2 Marker drones
SGT with marker light and target lock and Drone Controller
Fusion gun

5 man pathfinder
5 man pathfinder
5 man pathfinder

Skyray Missile Defense
disruption pod

Riptide with Early Warning

As is in the pictures is about 80% complete.  All of the fire warriors are done as are the pathfinders. The Kroot need a lot of highlighting, as do the broadsides. The Riptides are mostly done just need some detailing and the Ethereal is just base coated.

I will post up better pics as I get the units done!


My wife thinks she is funny.

I know this has even less to do with 40k than most of my posts lately, but I wanted to share this with you.

My wife fancies herself a writer and gets published in some pretty big sites!

We went to see author David Sedaris this week and she wrote a review that was instantly published by Women Around Town. If you are a reader you probably know him, if not, he is a witty and dry humored author who writes about life and things in general.  I recommend him if you would like a good high level laugh!

Take a look at Deb's article HERE. It is a pretty decent read.

More 40k soon! I am prepping my Tau still for Mechanicon coming up in a couple weeks.  Well actually a week or so.  I will shoot some pics this week and post up a list and strategies.  

Battle reports to follow!


Gearing up for The Warstore Weekend!

I will be playing my Tau at Mechanicon at The Warstore Weekend!

I love that Mechanicon has hooked up with Neal and The Warstore. Mechanicon is my favorite GT and Neal is my favorite vendor of crack!  I attended last year and the event was a lot of fun despite the gloomy impending hurricane that would go on to knock out the Jersey coast and power for weeks in the Northeast...

The Mechanicon itself is one of the best GTs in the country because puts the focus on fun and the hobby rather than beating face. Sure face gets beaten, but at least it is going to be by a beautiful army created by a dude who loves the hobby part as much as the gaming!  Mechanicon routinely gathers up the nicest armies I have seen at any GT and the folks, including Tony Spino who runs it all are the nicest I have met.

But The Warstore Weekend is more than just Mechanicon. The Colonial GT is now also part of the weekend!  TCGT is running a Warhammer Fantasy GT and it looks to be a step in the right direction for growing the con.  Neal has it down. Come up with a good idea, and surround yourself with good people to make it happen. The Mechanicon and Colonial folks are just that.

I know from experience that the Warmachine events are huge as well.

That, coupled with the gaming demos and other fun makes The Warstore Weekend a must do for guys in the Northeast! Plus it is at a super convenient location. East Brunswick NJ is just over the bridges and convenient to any one from Maine to Virginia!

Hope to see you guys there!


Jawaballs Live tonight at 7pm EST! Special Guest...

Hey guys tonight I will be broadcasting live. SEE THE SHOW HERE.

Tonight I will be continuing the conversation started last week comparing Melta Guns to Grav Guns. But also, I have a special guest!

My good friend Matt Loter of Prettiest Princess Games has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to publish his own table top board games of sorts called Glamazons: The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini. Visit THE KICKSTARTER HERE.

Here is some of the original artwork:

The premise of the game is a social bluffing game where you try to outwit your friends to get your Glamazon outfitted in the best armor possible, rather than the traditional skimpy G strap chainmail bikini.  Matt can explain it much better than I! But it sounds like lots of fun.

So tune in tonight to see the show at 7pm EST, and check out Matt's Kickstarter!


Thudd/Quad guns?

So, which book contains the most recent rules for the Forgeworld Thudd Gun?


Back on the weight loss train!

Hey guys, I have jumped back on the train to weight loss.  I have several motivations including my desire to be around to see my kid grow up, and running a zombie 5k!

I am back with doing my Skinny Jawa blog. Find it HERE and feel free to follow along and share stories of your own as I work my way down to 220 pounds from 291.

Wish me luck!


Jawaballs Live Tonight!

Jawaballs Live returns TONIGHT for it's fall season at 7pm EST.  Watch HERE.

Tune in every week for my live show, Tuesdays at 7.

X-Wing with Jawaballs and Fritz!

I don't get there often any more, but last night I made it to Battle for Salvation and played some X-Wing with Fritz and a couple new members!

I love this game. It is great in it's simple and fast play, plus complete lack of any effort to prepare. Just buy your ships and throw down!

I made this galaxy gaming table and it was a big improvement from the last game I played on a felt mat. Here is a bunch more pics.

The game itself went down to the wire.  I used Vader in his Tie Advanced, another pilot in a Tie Interceptor, plus a lowly academy pilot in a basic tie.  Fritz used a Lamda shuttle with a mercenary co pilot and a Fire Spray (Slave 1) with some other dude.

Our opponents had Biggs Darklighter and Luke Skywalker, plus an A wing and a Hawk 290 or some such.  We set up a bunch of asteroids and away we went!

Here is a video of the game:

The hero of the game was my Academy Pilot.  He was unfortunately the first of our ships to fall in range of the rebel scum, but blindly swerving from side to side saved his hide. He evaded almost all of the shots and flew right threw the scrum, taking down Biggs on his way. He wheeled around and came in behind, absorbing more shots and helping to take down Luke Skywalker.  Vader layed down the law by blasting the crap out of the Hawk, softening it up for the kill, then taking down the A wing.

Luke is a tricky fellow using R2 to regenerate his shields, and Biggs managed to save his A wing buddy for two rounds by absorbing shots from us that would otherwise have gone at the A wing to wipe out the weaker ship.

My interceptor didn't quite do much, he took some shots then ran into an asteroid and died.  But that is ok because that Academy Pilot earned a promotion!

Fritz's lamda shuttle was a fail. He was unsure how to play it and it just sorta sat in the way the whole time, limiting the maneuverability of my ships.  And while it has a gun on the back, it does not seem to be able to shoot backwards!

At the end is was poor Luke vs both of Fritz's big ships, Vader and my Academy Pilot.  We had him boxed in with no where to go!  Die rebel scum.

This was a learning game for me, so we probably didn't do every thing right. But who cares, it was a LOT of fun.

Enjoy the vid!

Oh, and Jawaballs Live returns tonight on Miniwargaming. Pop over and check it out!