New Stream on Twitch and Nova

Hey guys!

So I continue to try to dig myself back in and I wanted to share my progress!

First thing I want to say is that divorce is awful. Actually it is what comes after concerning the kids that is awful. But whatever. I'm past it and moving on, definitely on the up tick and feeling good!

Enough said.

So what is new?

Well my new army is mostly complete. I will be taking photographs and posting them here soon. The Dread Shed list is powerful and the Lucius pods are crazy fun to play.  Here are a few teaser pics.

Draednought Drop Pod in action!

Librarian Dreadnought and Furioso Dreadnought Drop Pods land 

Jawaballs for the win? Well almost. 2nd overall (I won all my games) and Player's Choice. Not too shabby!

I also played in a couple tournaments and did VERY well.  More on that soon as well.

I just bought my tickets for The Nova Open!  This will be my first big con in several years.  I can't wait to go take a shot at Renaissance man again! The first two times I went I fell short of winning the title by a combined .7 points or something close.  The third time I had no idea I was even in the running and pretty much threw the last game out of exhaustion but still game in 4th I think.  This time? Provided that the new edition, if it is even used, is kind to my army I should have a shot.  I will be talking about that in the coming months. I will definitely be doing a lot of discussion as the game shifts to the new era.

Also pertaining to Nova I will be taking part in the Charity Army Build once a gain. I can't say more because I don't know what has been released yet.  Once I am given the OK I will tell you what I am painting.  It is going to be something I have NEVER painted before so this should be fun!

And finally I want to announce my new live stream on Twitch.  I am joining Brush Lickers United and streaming every Tuesday at 8pm EST. Check out my stream Channel HERE. Please take a pop over and click follow then join me next Tuesday.  I will also be doing more live gaming as time allows.

I will be doing frequent giveaways so be sure you are a follower over on the Twitch channel!

Finally on Youtube I have been uploading all of my The Jawaballs Way video sets.  There is a lot and it takes a long time. Please pop over to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and check out all the new videos I have uploaded so far and don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!  It really helps. My absence has caused a decline in the fantastic progress I was making on Youtube and I would love to reclaim that momentum.

I am feeling better about gaming than I have in years and it is time to get back into the scene!  Please join me again as I make my way back.  As always, I really appreciate your support and kind words. Please sound off in the comments to say hi!