More WIP

Today I am doing a Baal Predator.  I have been feeling pretty excited about painting lately and have been working my skills with the Airbrush.

Of course first comes black primer.  

I'm kinda digging P3 Black Primer currently.  Sadly this can has primed it's last... its empty. 

I need to invest in a proper camera!  So again I use Mephiston red as the base then do a second layer with Coat de' Arms Blood Red.  I'm so glad I found that color!  

Looks a bit blue in this light...

I went back over it with a send dose of the Blood Red. For the weapons I do dark grey with a second layer of light grey, then I will wash with blue. 

Thats it for now!  Later this week I will post finished pics of all the stuff I painted the last few days.  

More to come!  Jawaballs

Primaris Repulsor

So here is my Primaris Blood Angels Repulsor!  Still WIP but the bulk of the painting is done.  I will be adding decals and some hand painted angel wings plus some washes here and there to heighten the contrast. Im gona go with some blue wash on the grave thingies and also the guns.

Oh and to the right you see arms for my newest Dread.. a contemptor this time!  This is a bonafied flurry of activity from me!  :) 


Rusty Jawa!

Boy am I rusty! 

I have been feeling the itch... the deep one.. that you just can't quite get at...

So hi! 

Today I have something easy for you.  I have decided to paint up and clear out all of my old projects... starting with some Rhinos.  Here is a death company one!

First Here is the Rhino, primed black. I received some resin odds and ends from Spellcrow 
so I thought I would use them on this Death Company transport. This pack is some skull decor. Pretty cool. It fits well.  

Why Death Company?  Well apparently they are stupid good nowadays.  I've only played 2 games of 8th Edition and not with DC but I am planning on it soon!  

After clipping and trimming the bits I glued them in with Gorilla Gel.

It took me a few to figure out how to use the door bits... I realized that instead of replacing the door, they are glued onto the face of it.

Like so!  

I then airbrushed a final primer over the entire model using Valejo Black Primer.

For the highlights I initially planned to use 3 levels of grey, but was happy with just the first.. Valejo Neutral Grey Model Air.  

Then the top door.  I used 2" wide Masking Tape which is the exact length of the door.

And I drew lines to define the shape on the tape.

Then I made marks 1/4" in from each corner on each side and connected the lines.  

Then using Xacto I cut out the triangles. This can be done both ways if you want to save on Stencils if you are doing more than one. 

I carefully placed the triangles on the door, but can also use the X.  To the left you can see the flame stencil I made for my Son's Pinewood Derby car... 

Time to Airbrush!  I started with Mephiston red from the ends working towards the center, then finished with Coat De Arms Blood Red. (Old GW Blood Red)

And BOOM!  The stencil was not perfect but that is the thing with Death Company, you don't want it to be.  Some of the edges of the X are a bit broken, plus I accidentally touched the red paint on the tape then the black surface, but liked how it looked so left it. I touched up the edges of the black triangles with the primer... 

Voila!  I need to do the treads and skulls and other fine details but this is perfectly servicable on any gaming table.  In the background you can see the repulsor I have been working on...  Pics of that soon. So what do you guys think?  How has 40k been treating you?  I should hopefully lots more content in the near future!  

More to come.