I have so much to show you guys... I've been working so hard!  More soon about my own stuff...

But for today I wanted to talk about the Nova Open Charitable Foundation!

As most of you who know every year I paint models that are raffled off by NOCF with the proceeds being given away to charity.  Well this year I have to admit we as a force for good have outdone ourselves!  The teams grow every year and the models get nicer and nicer.  This year??  Feast your eyes on THIS:

That is correct... a Warlord Titan painted by my friend John Stiening!  I will certainly be buying tickets for this myself.  NOCF artists are allowed to buy tickets for stuff they did not work on... :)  WOOT!

Find more pictures of it HERE.

And for my own contribution this year I lead the team for Star Wars Legion.  Here are some pics:

I painted Luke and Vader and the 2 bikers.  I went a bit out of my element on Luke and Vader, trying new stuff like the Object Source Lighting... but I'm pretty happy with them and they hold their own with a fantastic Legion army.  My buddy Mike Cho painted the rebs while White Metal Games did the Imps, ATST, Speeder and some of the rebs.  The set is AMAZING.

So how does this work?  These models, as well as MANY more beautiful works of art are being RAFFLED off.  All you have to do is visit The NOCF website HERE and purchase tickets. Tickets are 2.00 or 5.00 a pop, with a minimum order of 10.00.  (There may be other restrictions but you get the point)... You can purchase tickets from any where around the world and if you win the items will be shipped to you free of charge. For example, if you purchase 20.00 worth of tickets for the Legion set, you will have 10 chances to win.  Easy!

The aim of the NOCF is to send 95 cents of every dollar to charities like Doctors Without Borders.  In memory of my brother who recently passed away at a much too young age, who along with my other two brothers, uncle, father and 2 cousins was in the military, I chose The Fisher House Foundation which is an organization that helps military families to be the recipient of the proceeds from the Legion army.

I could not be more proud to be part of something larger than myself, a force for good.  Visit the NOCF website HERE and get your tickets!  Best of luck.