Free Giveaway at Spikey Con and my online store!

Hey Folks!

I am giving away a free copy of Horus Heresy board game Saturday at Spikey Con!

What do you have to do to get a chance to win?

Buy one of my The Jawaballs Way DVDs at the store!

Buying one of my DVDs at the FTW Games 3rd Birthday celebration will enter you to win a new Horus Heresy game.  It is opened, but unpunched. I will hold the drawing around 8pm EST at the store. Yes you will need to be present to win. (Im not shipping this monster.) I will be selling my DVDs at a special Spikey Con birthday rate. Come and get em!

FTW Games is having a BIRTHDAY SALE on Saturday! So come on in, grab a sweet deal, pick up a DVD and get a chance to win a sweet prize! Also, if you wish, join one of my display board seminars or just throw some diced with me and Fritz!

See you Saturday!

Oh, and just so no one feels left out. Any one that purchases one of my DVDs off my online store between 9am EST on June 27 and 12 midnight on Sunday the 29 will be entered to win their choice between a Warhammer Lizardman Stegadon box set (Opened but on sprue) and a Tyranid Warrior Brood factory sealed. HERE is my new easy to use webstore! I will ship the box set and DVD for just the cost of the DVD shipping from my site. Be looking for more sweet giveaway from my online store soon!


For the Greater Good!

Reinforcements have arrived.

More to come.

See you at Spikey Con this weekend!


Fun and Games and a FREE WRAITHKNIGHT

It has become Spikey Con.

The annual birthday celebration down at FTW Games, owned by my friend and all around decent dude Rob Baer.

Spikey Con is this weekend.

What is going on you ask?

Well, nothing but an entire weekend of gaming craziness at the store!  Lets get to the good stuff first.

Rob is giving away an Eldar Wraithknight. But he is not just giving it away guys, you have to earn it.  It is a conversion contest!

HERE are the rules.

The winner will be chosen sometime in July.

But that is not the reason to go to FTW Games.

Go for the games!

You can find a rundown of all the awesome that will be happening at the store over the weekend HERE.

I will be there painting on tanks for those willing, demonstrating how to make Custom Display Boards and taking on all comers on my own personal Jawa Table.

But most importantly, I can't wait to chill with Fritz, Goatboy, Paul Murphy and Kenny from Next Level Paintnig. These are some of the most extreme dudes in the game, and all of that gaming brain power will be under one roof and willing to spray it upon the world.

I mean seriously...

Lol, that picture and the word seriously do NOT go together.

So make the trip for the fun!

I will be doing my seminars from 1 to 5.  Other than that, my schedule is open to rock the games and take on all comers. Come challenge me and Fritz, past doubles tournament winners, for a shot at the glory!  Come learn with me how to airbrush from Kenny!  Come get your stuff drawn on by Goatboy!

Finally we may have appearances by Redemption of the Fallen painters John Steining and Tim Williamson, and maybe even Dave Taylor if I can get him to come!  We will all have our WIP models there for you to see.  Redemption of the Fallen is a charity army build project sponsored by The Nova Open. Click the link at the top right of my page!

See you this weekend,


Finished World Eaters full sized banner.

World Eaters Banner

I finished off the Full Sized World Eaters chapter banner today.  Take a gander!

Here is some video of it from Youtube.

The client wanted a simple Pre Heresy banner, with a metallic main image. I talk about how I made it in the video so I won't type much here about the details. Enjoy!

Here are some pics of other banners I have made. If you would like one, let me know!

Me winning Best Banner at Gamesday with a full sized Ultramarine Chapter Banner.

Death Company Banner for FTW Games.

The Hogs of War gaming club.

You can see many more of my banners to the right. Look for the links!

Up next? Lamenters!


World Eaters full sized banner WIP

World Eaters Banner

Here is a work in progress shot of my newest Full Sized Banner. The World Eaters!

I still have to do a white edge on the inner sides of the banner and some details, but it is mostly done! Simple and cool. :)

I will be doing five banners this week. I finally got the banners in hand from the seamstress, who for some reason disappeared for a couple weeks...

Up next? Lamenters and Black Templars Battle for Armageddon!

If you want a full sized banner, let me know! This is about 3x7 feet just to give you an idea of size. Check out my other banners to the right.


Nova just got more fun!

I posted last week that I was going to be doing seminars at this years Nova Open. That still holds true!  I will be doing seminars on Display Board building, and Hand painting and painting in general.  More on that in a bit.

My Sanguinor from Nova 2011. Winner Best Single Miniature!

But that is not why I am typing now!

I will be joining my friends Bill McFadden and Simon Lean in the Trios!  I had originally resigned myself to the fact that I would not be playing much 40k at the Nova. I will be working as a paint judge and selling my stuff as a vendor. But Simon and Bill put out the call for a Trios third and I answered! This is great because it allows me a bit of competitive 40k, a HUGE amount of good time gaming fun against the likes of Troy and Team Bastard, and it gives me an excuse to paint a new army.

What new army? Well, I vowed not to buy the Tau codex. Well... Bah.

I now have two months to build and paint a Tau army!

My list?


Suit Commander

x3 Fire Warriors in Devilfish
x1 Fire Warrior squad on foot

1 Kroot squad

1 Marker drone squad

x2 Skyray

x3 Broadsides

And of course a Riptide. I just cannot resist the flashy toys!

I need to get the codex and look at all the options and such but that is the bulk of the army.  I have never played a shooty army before, except for my Shooty Blood Angels that I won Mechanicon with, but they don't really count.

So now I have to get in 6th edition shape! I need to spend the next two months playing games and painting minis.

And what of my Nova seminars?

I am doing one on Custom Display Boards and one on Hand Painting and painting in general.

VISIT THIS PAGE and scroll down. You will see where to register for my seminars. If you are not playing in the Nova GTs, perfect! Just get a day pass and come join the seminar fun.  I also think there is a complete seminar ticket as well. Hell, there should be enough teaching and learning to keep any one busy! The Nova is NOT just about playing in Grand Tournaments!  I may have to get myself in on that Craft Beer seminar.... mmmm beer.

Any way, I hope to see you at Nova. I will have my personal gaming table set up in the Vendor section where I can take on all comers plus I will be happy to do some classic Jawa hand painting on your tanks!  And I believe Jim the Stout Smurf will be there as well with his Ultramarines and Gnome Wars!

So if you are going to The Nova, or live in the area, make sure to come see me!


Finally, Gamesday 2012 coverage is up!

Me winning my 4th banner competition at Gamesday

GW finally posted the coverage of Gamesday 2012!  See it HERE.

Above is a shot from their site of me claiming my prize for the fourth year in a row. This one was tight though, I wonder if it is because of all the Ultramarine haters out there!  The banner competitions are a great and fun experience and I thank every one who screamed their heads off for me. (The winner is selected by the banner who gets the loudest scream.)

Sadly though, this will probably be my last win. I won't be attending Gamesday this summer. I decided that if I am going to fly some place, I would rather fly to Colorado for Feast of Blades, or the west coast for any one of the awesome events thrown out there.

The GW exec's quote saying that Gamesday is about fans getting together to do what they like most, buy GW product, affirms my resolve. While I like to buy some of the limited things available at Gamedsay like the Gamesday miniature and some of the limited edition lithographs I got last year, buying GW product is NOT the reason I go to Gamesday.

I started going to Gamesday about six years ago, and every year I noticed a trend. The cool hobby stuff (the REAL reason I go to Gamesday) became less while the retail store selling mountains of boxsets became bigger. This culminated in last year's Gamesday where there were hardly any club tables, and virtually NO GW Studio painted models or other cool things to see, but the biggest retail space I have ever seen.  It was not Gamesday, it was Salesday.  (At full retail.)

Man, I just can't write about GW lately without griping! Ironically I have been accused in the past by some of the less creative comment trolls as being a GW Fanboy.  The sad part is that I like the company. I do believe they put out an outstanding product. But aside from the banner competition and chance to play games against people I would not normally ever meet, I don't have much reason to fly out to Tennessee.

Any how, if you are interested in owning that banner. Send me a shout!  I'm pointing at you Smurf Lovers! Jawaballs at hotmail.


Jawaballs and Fritz on our way to Spikey Bitz!

Thats right!  This June will mark the third birthday of my friend Rob Baer's brick and mortar store FTW Games and Spikey Bits!  To celebrate, Rob is throwing a huge party that will last all weekend long.  So Fritz and Myself cleared it with the wives and we are on our way!

FTW Death Company Banner

So what is going on?


But for our lazier crowd, let me summarize.

First of all, there are tournaments all weekend, with Magic on Friday and a big 40k tournament on Saturday night starting late and going until we pass out.

But even more, it is going to be a huge weekend of "internet celebrity" appearances.

Goatboy will be there signing and drawing on bags.

Kenny from Next Level Painting will be there doing Airbrush seminars. He is a rock hard painter and player. I myself will be picking his brain on how to use my airbrush!

Kenny's successful army from Wargamescon.

Paul Murphy, one of the top ranked players in the country, will be on hand giving tactical advice.

Paul, Kenny and Goatboy

And finally Fritz and myself doing our thing. Fritz will be dispensing his black knowledge while I am doing my The Jawaballs Way seminar on Custom Display Boards!

I will also have my man cave gaming table set up. You have seen it in our videos, now you get to play on it.

What is my seminar?

I will be doing two runs of seminars teaching how I make my custom display boards.  You need only show up with your army, and FTW Games will provide the rest!  Come and learn hand on how to make your own display, with advice from me on elements of art like space and color, and leave with a completed 2x2 board good for armies on parade, painting competitions, or just for putting on your table at home.

Of course, if you have your own terrain in mind for your board, bring that too and I will show you how to bring it all together.  Here is a tip: Scour ebay or look at Petco for aquarium terrain, or check out Spooky Town by Lemax.  They have lots of great buildings you can smash into oblivion and use as terrain, or decrepit trees and terrain pieces that are perfect for display boards. Whatever it is, bring it in, and I will help you arrange it on a board provided by Rob and you will leave happy! You will need to preregister for the seminar. HERE IS THE SPIKEY POST with more info.

Lemax Spooky Town

When I am not doing my seminar, I will be accepting all challenges. I will have my Blood Angels on hand and ready to rock.  Or bring a friend and tag team me an Fritz!  I am not playing in the tournament which means I will be available for most of the time to take on all comers, dispense painting advice, or just chill! Oh and I will be giving special discounts on my Jawaballs Way DVDs.

Ok then, I hope to see you there. If you miss these seminars, I will be doing them at The Nova Open, Labor Day weekend.  Stay tuned!


New charity army project!

I would like to announce the newest charity army painting project that I have had the pleasure to be part of!

Redemption of the Fallen: An army painting charity project in support of Doctors Without Borders.

To see the site for the new project GO HERE.

Here is the full banner.

I am very proud to have been part of two army painting projects in the past. The Storm Wardens, and the Heroes of Armageddon.  I think in total we raised about 50,000 bucks for Doctors Without Borders.

This year we have a new organization running the show. Believe me, it is a HUGE amount of work to coordinate a project like this. But the guys at Nova have taken it on, x3!  There are three armies being created for this project.

Also this year, as a nice change, TheWarstore has provided all of the models to be painted.  Previously those were out of pocket expenses.

So what are we painting?

A Dark Angels army of 1850 base points.  This army will include all elements that make Dark Angels special, plus more great stuff like a custom display board!

Here is a work in progress of some of the artwork on one of the Rhinos By Dan Withers from Valhalla Games.

Yes that is hand painted work, and no it is not mine!  It is freaking beautiful though.

And here is a tactical squad by Tim Williamson WIP.

Here is how you can enter to win...

VISIT HERE And purchase tickets.  For every single dollar you donate, you will be entered into the drawing once.  Donate 100 bucks, and you will be entered 100 times.  The more you donate, the better your chances of winning!  The drawing will take place at The Nova Open on 9/1/13. You do NOT need to be present to win. The armies will be shipped WORLD WIDE by 9/6/13. So get in on it!

What am I doing?  I will be painting a Ravenwing Bike Squad and a Ravenwing Apothecary.  I just started so I don't have any WIP yet, but I should have the Apothecary done soon.  More on that later!

I am excited to be part of this project and I can't wait to see the finished result.  Check back often for more WIP and check the site, there are links to all of the artists.


Here are the rules straight from the site:

  1. Donation structure:
    • .95 cents of every $1 ticket will go directly to the nonprofit cause as designated by each raffle (listed above)
    • Approximately .02 cents of every $1 ticket will be used to support the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation overhead and administrative costs
    • Approximately .03 cents of every $1 ticket will be used to cover Paypal fees and tax reporting
  2. Minimum number of tickets purchased is 10. This minimum ensures that the maximum percentage of each ticket purchased will benefit the designated charitable cause.
  3. Ticket purchases, though supporting nonprofit charitable causes as outlined above, are not tax deductible.
  4. Buyer’s name will be entered into raffle once for every ticket purchased. The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation will use an accurate, independently-developed electronic randomizer to select the winners.
  5. The final drawing in each raffle will occur at the NOVA Open convention in Arlington, VA, on Sunday, 9/1/13. Winners need not be present to win.
  6. Winners’ names (plus city/state/country) will be posted on the home page of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation ( no later than Monday, 9/2/13.
  7. Armies will be packaged and shipped to the winners before Friday, 9/6/13; tracking information will be provided.
  8. No members of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc., artist/painters, or sponsor owners eligible to win.
  9. No maximum ticket purchase. No percentage chance of winning can be calculated. Ticket p
  10. urchase does not guarantee win. Ticket sales are final. No refunds.

New Video of the Week!

Thought it was time to update my video of the week!

I came across this oldy from my first Golden Demon attempt. This squad remains as my favorite I have done yet.  Enjoy!


Pre Heresy World Eaters full size banner!

Here is the first draft of a new banner commission. Pre Heresy World Eaters!

He wanted the basic World Eaters logo, the chaos star pointed circle with the jaws eating the world, with maybe some chain axes crossed in the back. 8th company.  But he was not sure and left it up to me!  I don't know much about preheresy stuff, but I don't know if the World Eaters adopted the pointy chaos star stuff until after the heresy.

So while the pointy "Gothic" design around the circle enclosing the world may be accurate, for 31st mil Space Marines, I just don't know.  So I decided to go with a more animalistic jaw, using a sharks jaw bone as a prompt.  The Chainaxes need improvement, but I just put them in for place holders, and I need to organize the layout a bit better.

The banner itself is light blue. The field around the logo is going to be black, on the blue banner, with white trim between.  The standard bone colored Jawa Scroll and decorations on the tabs on the bottom.  Is this looking too Space Sharky?  Should I go more with the pointy circle design?


Coming soon:

Redemption of the Fallen Charity project
Full sized Blood Angels, Lamenters, Black Templars and Custom banners
Eldar Ulthwe
Lamenters back on track