Lamenters first action

And I forgot my camera!  It's ok though, they were not done yet any way. Every thing is just about done, it all just needs some detailing. I wanted to get it into a different venue and see how they look gaming tables before putting the final touches.

How did they perform on the table?  Dead last. I scored 6 out of 60 points. In their first game, in typical Lamenters fashion, an assault squad with a priest and Librarian attached took some wounds in the first round of shooting of the game, then failed leadership and ran off the table.  This lead the way to an entire day of catastrophic failure.  To accent the day, I got tabled in about fifteen minutes by a Draigo wing army.  I threw every thing I had at him but only took out a couple crusaders. Then he shot down my Storm Raven with psy cannons and destroyed every thing inside as I rolled nothing higher than a 2 for the invul saves and he rolled a penetrating explosion on my dread.

I will take a lot of pics later this week!


Late night update

Hey guys. I just wanted to share a quick WIP update on my Lamenters dread with LED lights.  I need to work on the checks more, and decide if I want to keep the checks on the leg plate with the checker base which is not changing.  I think it is a bit too much check!  I will probably just paint the leg armor yellow.

You can see all of the WIP behind him too. Three are assault squads, my librarian, couple scouts, death compnay and way back is a rhino.  Most of the models in the army are mostly done. I need to finish a handfull of marines like the ones closely behind this dread, then base and final detail.  I am pushing to have this totally done by the 26 cause I want to play in a local 3 game tournament.  That is just a week away!

I have all the materials for the display and I am going to start putting that together tomorrow.  I should have some nice update pics for you on Monday.

More to come!


Templecon is upon us!

In just a few weeks I will be traveling to Rhode Island for what is one of the coolest cons I have ever been to. Templecon!

With trying to balance family, work and life, I have had to reduce the amount of traveling I do for cons and I reduced the number I attend to just three. And Templecon is one of those.

Sure I go for the 40k GT, but unlike most cons, 40k is a very small part of the bigger picture.

So what is Templecon?  It was my introduction to Steampunk and cosplay. It is a gaming mecca and all around super nerd fest.  The first time I attended, I was awed by the amount of stuff going on!  It seemed that in just about every corner there were dudes playing games, literally. On the way up the elevator there were some guys huddled in the lobby playing Dungeons and Dragons. I wanted so much to join them!  Plus my eyes almost popped out of my head at all the beautiful and creative costumes. Each year they have a theme, this year it is Cyberpunk.

The entire weekend is a huge production. First, they block out the entire hotel. That's right, the entire building. And it sells out instantly. Every room. In fact, it is so huge that not only do they sell out the hotel, but two more neighboring ones!  It is that big.

So what exactly goes on?  Well first there are seminars and classes throughout the weekend.  I will be attending a Bourbon seminar on Thursday night and a Scotch tasting on Friday.  But I will be teaching a painting seminar on The Jawaballs Way on Friday, and my friend Dave and I are doing a Zombie panel and book reading on Saturday.  Two small elements in a huge list of things to do.  There are live bands and three areas full of vendors selling.. well every thing!  There was a room full of classic console games to play and of course the huge gaming GTs.  The first year 40k was a small 3 game tournament stuffed into a basement room. The last time I went it was a huge GT sharing space with the even huger Warmachine.

I am unveiling my new Lamenters at this con and can't wait to get them on the table.

If you would like some info on Templecon, here is their Facebook.

And here is their main page:

My painting seminar is full, but if enough people want to attend one, I will attempt to run another. So if you are going to Templecon, and want to attend my paint seminar, comment here or email me.

If you are in the northeast and want to experience good people in a fun atmosphere, Templecon is worth the trip.


LED Lamenters Razorback WIP

Here are some more WIP pics! I airbrushed the base coat with Badger Mustard Gas over white primer, then I layed in two layers of Yellow on the edges with a brush using Yriel and Flash Gitz.  

For the doors I measured the checks with a metal ruler and drew the lines on white primed doors. Then I traced a dime in the center for the circle and painted the black checks, then painted the circle with layers of grey and free handed the heart.

And here is the Storm Raven after some much needed progress. I did the checks on the other wing, the top turret and side sponsons, and layed in some color on the edges. It is unbelievably hard to paint the same exact heart twice free hand. I painted the heart on the other side over a year ago!  This one came out a bit bigger, I need to go back and make it smaller.  It comes to a little sharper point than the "lamenters" heart.  (The one on the razor above is pretty good.)

More to come! I am starting 3 grad courses today for my second masters, so very soon I am going to be buried with work to do. SO I am trying to get as much progress on this army as I can now!


Big Lamenters WIP update

Templecon is a few weeks away, SO I have been in paint mode!

Here are some pics of my WIP. Keep in mind these are VERY work in progress.  Most of the models lack final highlights.

First up, some Lamenters Terminators. The doomed shooty terminators unlikely to ever find a home on a competitive player's table from Space Hulk. And yes, I am playing them WYSIWYG, which means I paid for the chainfist. (Not pictured) I am going to deliver them to the table either by Deep Strike or in the Storm Raven. Either way is perilous in this 6th edition game, but hell, these are Lamenters.  It will make for great stories to see them get exploded upon entry every single game!  My hope is to have some exciting and fun games and to make some interesting battle reports telling the story of the unfortunate Lamenters. This army is actually one cobbled together from the remnants of the chapter after the Badab War.  As such, none of the squads are complete, and they don't quite have harmonious weapons. The Assault Marine Sergeant carries a plasma pistol! Who does that?  :)  And there is a priest in this army, driving a bike and wielding a power fist...

I broke his toes when I was cutting off the Space Hulk
base. Nothing a little glue and sand wont cover up!  

I am not sure if the sash things between his legs look Lamenter or Tim Burton..

"What are you aiming at son? Go get em!"

Vanguard Vets with Jump Packs! No, the banner is not actually there.

And who was it that accused me of being a WAAC player?  I give you combat scouts.
The Sergeant has the chainsword. Plain, naked combat scouts for no other reason than I love painting the models.

And finally, I could not resist the temptation to rig up a Razorback with LEDs. I would like to send a HUGE thanks out to Chris at PoweredPlay Games. Check him out HERE. He sent me some LED kits and they were so easy to use that I am amazed I never tried them before.

The best part of this Razor is that I have the battery, board and switch inside, but there is still room on the board for more LED plugs, so when on display I can open up the hatch and plug in the LEDs from the display board!  While I know that the Flame Storm Cannon will not likely ever get a chance to lay its hot love down upon some Tau scum, I went for it just to get the chance to use those sweet LEDs in the barrels.

When I rigged this up, I planned out the wiring, which was super easy, then assembled the model, but didnt glue the top on. Then I primed and airbrushed the yellow base coat. The top is completely removable. Finally I installed the LEDs and wires and voila!  A power drill does come in handy. I filed down the orb headlight facing on the model so that it was flat, then I drilled through it, and the chassis with my power drill, leaving a hole just big enough for the LED to peek out.  In the gun, I left the LED at the base of the turret, and ran Fiber Optics down the barrels to deliver the light.  The headlights are SUPER bright, almost too bright, but so what, it looks awesome!

So the army is about 80% done.  The razor will take no time to paint and I have to finish the other vehicles and the dread. I will be done the terminators by Friday, and the tactical marine this weekend, leaving me with a few assault marines to paint, then every model to clean up and detail. Then I have to do the display.  It will be coming down to the wire, so I wont be able to add the motion element I had planned. I went to buy one but all the ones on Ebay are over 60 bucks... before Christmas they were going for 20... I was hoping to get one for a steal now... Oh well.  I will definitely have that done for Battle for Salvation! I dropped the bike squad for now. I simply had too much to do so had to revamp the list a bit.  But don't worry, they will be in the expansion of this army as I paint more.  (and they will give the lonely priest some one to ride with)

I am getting better at painting checker shoulder pads.  I only have about 7 more to do!  It is tedious and requires focus, so I can't do a lot at once, but my plan was to get one done every day on top of the rest of the painting, so I should have them done by next week.

I can't wait to see how this army looks on the table.  It has been the funnest army I have ever painted and it has rejuvenated my love for the hobby. I have ZERO aspirations for winning a single game with this army ever, but I have gone all in on the hobby part, so screw it.  Competing for Best Painted will be my competition!

Hope you enjoyed for now, much more to come no that I have found my camera. My wife lost it.