Finally they are here!

I have finally launched my new set of painting tutorial DVDs called The Jawaballs Way: How to Paint Wargame Miniatures.

YOU CAN GET THEM HERE  It was PW protected. I removed that. Should be ready to go!

To go with my launch I created a brand new webstore which has been streamlined throgh Shopify. It accepts credit cards, paypal and even MONEY ORDER!  It is now easier than ever to get my DVDs.

And here they are:

Black and White:

Black and White. This DVD teaches you the ins and outs of two of the hardest colors to paint well, Black and White! First you will get a Masterclass demonstration of how to paint a Ravenwing Biker. Second comes another Masterclass on how to paint White armor, using a Blood Angels Death Company model. Third you will get the in between, a master class teaching you how to paint a blighted black Warmachine Cryx Warjack! This is a must have set for every painter!

Red and Yellow                         

This DVD teaches you how to paint Yellow and Red using models from Warhammer 40k and Warmachine. For yellow you will paint a Lamenters model and for red you will paint with two different techniques. First you will learn how to paint the Jawaballs' Warhammer 40k method of highlighting up from a dark base by painting a Blood Angels tactical marine. Then you will learn the Warmachine method of starting with a light base, and shading down.  You will learn advanced techniques of feathering, fading, shading and line highlights as well as get a good demonstration of "Jawa Grey" a Nonmetalic Silver technique developed by Jawaballs and used on his award winning models.

This video set teaches you how to paint Bone and Grey using models from Warhammer 40k, and generic pewter skeletons. First you will learn how to paint Bone colored armor by painting a Deathwing Terminator. This is a master class level demonstration. Then you will learn how to paint an above tabletop Space Wolf. Third you will get a master class on "Jawa Grey" and learn how to paint a competition level Grey Knight in nonmetallic silver. Finally you will get a table top primer for painting hordes of skeletons fast!

And the rest!

 Basing and Display

Blue and Green

So there you have it! At long last the DVDs are available. They come in full color, shrink wrapped card board sleeves and feature full menus and music!  The DVDs play in US region DVD players and PCs.  You can get THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE HERE Which gets you a discount on the entire set of DVDs. You get a free title!  Full 720p HD digital Downloads will be available soon.  Stay tuned!



It might be a good summer.

If any thing might bring me out of my 40k malaise, this will. My Ulthwe will finally come off that very back burner!

Dammit GW you sucked be back in...

More to come


Change of pace? Lets try Robotech!

I grew up on Robotech. I used to be up at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning to watch it when I was in 5th grade.  I have always kept that fond love. SO, I was nothing less than pleased when I was shown this new KICKSTARTER!

Palladium Books has launched a Kickstarter for a new revision of their Robotech RPG and Tabletop Tactics game. They have SWEET models and new rules. It is looking like it will be a freeking awesome game.

So there you go.  You can check out the rest for yourself HERE. 

To summarize, they set their goal at 70k and have already hit half a million with over half of the KS time to go.  Now they are in stretch goal time, which only serves to make the rewards bigger, as the more people who back, and the more it makes, means the more they include with the reward tier.  Get behind this Kickstarter and I hope to see Robotech included at some of the major GT cons in the area soon to relieve some of the GW BS that is going on!

Here is an example of one of the bonus Stretch goals.
Who doesn't love Roy Fokker?


So much to cover!

I've been out of it for a while, mostly due to the huge amount of work and time it took to produce my new set of DVDs, which I will be featuring in a post later this week to celebrate their launch!  But in that time, a lot has come up...

The Tau Codex.

I don't know what to really say. This has been a long time coming and I am sure there was much rejoicing when it was announced it was on the way.  But I'm sorry, I just can't bring myself to spend 50.00 on another supplemental rule book that is not a special limited edition!  They got me on the Dark Angels because I had a gift card.  Even then, I wish I had not given in...  I just can't get behind them despite my love for the models.

Bitz Blocking?

Why?  Surely they have a reason, but I can't imagine that the bits sellers have reduced profits for GW. They can argue that people who want an apothecary would buy the command squad box set if they did not have the option to buy it from Spikey Bits, but in my opinion they simply won't buy it at all. I sure wont.  By the way, to go out with a bang, Rob Baer at Spikey Bits is offering a blow out special on his Fat Sack o Bits. He is clearing out stock and shutting up his bits business.  Go get em while you can!

Cease and Desist...

So a couple of high profile sites were shut down by Google, apparently because of a C&D order due to copyright infringement.  There are a couple issues here.

First, I support GW on this.  It is their privilege to be the first to present their content in their media. It is not the right of a third party website to obtain photographs of those published pages and post them online before the magazine is even released.  GW does need to protect their IP to some degree but I am no lawyer.

However, that is where my support stops.

 I have made this point before. GW owes a measure of thanks to the internet and sites like Bell of Lost Souls, Miniwargaming and myself for their huge growth in the last half decade. It is certainly NOT attributed to their pathetic website which used to at least have loads and loads of background info and images and now is just a hard to navigate catalogue.

If you are reading this, than it is possible that it is a site like mine that has initiated or rejuvenated your interest in 40k. That translates to numbers.  Through my site and my Youtube channel, and as evidenced by the literal thousands of testimonial emails I have received thanking me, I would lowball estimate that at least three thousand people are into 40k because of me.  Or at least got into it for a brief time.  (Yes, I have received thousands of emails and comments thanking me for the inspiration.) I think some where there is a numerical value per new customer... I would guess that is around 500.00.  So if I took my estimate of 3000 people, and multiplied that by 500, we are looking at 1.5 million!

Like it or not GW, the hundreds of blogs and sites dedicated to your merchandise are ADVERTISEMENT for you! You owe a portion of your success to us.  We feed the machine. I am not saying that GW needs to put up with copyright infringement, but they need to reconsider their approach to the online community. They did not create it, we did.  While they were ignoring us, BoLS was taking root and Fritz and I were launching a massive Youtube trend of tutorial videos and recorded batreps. Take away BoLS, From the Warp, Beast of War, Miniwargaming, Spikey Bits, and little guys like Myself and Fritz and where is GW?  I dare say they are not launching 50 dollar codex books.  Are we the cause of the current situation with our hobby?

Any way, it is my opinion that GW needs to embrace the internet and the fan sites.  Don't fight BOLS, work with them.  Get some progressive, internet savvy PR guy in place to work on reversing public relations and using the massive traffic that BoLS gets for the good of all!  Give BoLS some exclusive sneak peek "leak" images before a launch!  I am pretty sure that Larry would post them for free and GW will get the promotion they want.  Both parties win.  (This will also cut down on the piracy that they are trying so hard to banhammer.)

Those are the thoughts for the day!

Feel free to sound off.