It's been quiet... time for a Charity Army!

I have been buried with going to graduate school full time, and taking a break after painting my Lamenters army, but that is soon coming to an end. A lot has been happening lately with so much new stuff being released, and yes I have opinions. I will share more on that later. For now, I wanted to make a big announcement!

It is time for another charity army project! This year the Nova Open Charitable Foundation is taking the reigns again with running the show, and they are helping to organize the completion of FOUR armies for charity. HERE is a link to the NOCF site where you will find all the info you need.  I personally will be painting a couple squads of Ultramarine veterans. More on that soon. For now, here is the press release:

DONT WAIT!  You can buy your tickets to win the Space Marine army HERE. You know the drill.

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) will open its 2014 charity army fundraising raffle season
tomorrow, April 1, 2014. Visit and join the “Compassionate Force” by
taking chances on winning one or more of the amazing armies being offered this year and supporting
deserving charities in the process!

The NOCF was created to assist international miniature painters and artists who produce armies as
fundraising vehicles for charitable causes. Recognizing the immense generosity of the worldwide
tabletop wargamer, the NOCF was formed to bring this “Compassionate Force” together under a single
banner with a broad international outreach. Every raffle ticket purchased in support of these charity
armies will contribute to causes which address the needs of humanitarian emergency relief, children’s
concerns, medical research and the military.

In 2013, the worldwide tabletop wargaming community’s support of the NOCF charity army raffles
raised over $10,000 which was donated to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, The
Fisher House Foundation and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The three charity armies from
2013 were shipped from Washington, D.C. to winners in Washington State, Missouri and as far away as
Tasmania, Australia!

*A Consortium of professional and award-winning artists from within the tabletop wargaming
community has come together in support of the NOCF Macragge Project. Learn more about each HERE.
The proceeds from these two armies will support Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres.

The NOCF expanded the work of the Consortium to two separate armies in 2014, representing Battle of
Macragge, the epic clash between Tyranids of Hive Fleet Behemoth and Ultramarines led by Marneus
Calgar. Both of these armies are full 1850-tuned armies, including numerous extra models for force

● ARMY #1: Battle of Macragge Ultramarine List
o Marneus Calgar and Honor Guard
o Chief Librarian Tigurius
o Chaplain Cassius
o 5 Tyrannic War Veterans
o 1 Drop Pod
 o 30 Tactical Marines with a variety of weapon load outs
o 10 x Scouts: 5 w/ Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks, 5 w/ Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
o 3 Storm Talons with Skyhammer Missiles
o 3 Thunderfire Cannons
o 1 Knight Titan
o 3 Centurion Devastators with Hurricane Bolters and Heavy Graviton Cannons

Some of the models I will be painting.

● ARMY #2: Battle of Macragge Tyranid List
o Flying Hive Tyrant w/ 2 Twin-Linked Devourers
o 5 Tyranid Warriors w/ Magnetized Weapon Options
o 1 Tyranid Prime w/ Norn Crown, Magnetized Weapon Options
o 60 Termagants
o 2 Mawlocs
o 1 Carnifex w/ Magnetized Weapon Options
o 20 Gargoyles
o 2 Lictors
o 1 Deathleaper
o 1 Venomthrope
o 3 Tyrant Guards (expected magnetized options for either tyrant guard or hive guard)
o 2 Hive Crones
o 8 Genestealers

*Stiff Neck Studio, under the leadership of Capt. Wesley Cogdal, is once again donating an exceptional
army for the NOCF charity raffles. This year, they are expanding our army range to include the first NOCF
Fantasy army, lovingly entitled “Man Eaters of the Great Maw!” The NOCF proudly donated funds from
last year’s Stiff Neck Studio army to The Fisher House Foundation, and we hope the Compassionate
Force will come together in 2014 to double those funds for this charity.

● ARMY #3: Fantasy Ogre Kingdom List

o 1 Ogre Tyrant
o 6 Ogre Bullz
o 5 Ogre Iron Gutz
o 4 Lead Belcher's
o 1 Stone-horn
o 1 Scrap launcher

*Built by a combined force of hobbyists associated with the Penny Arcade forum, the Deathwatch Army
has been donated to the NOCF with the request that it be raffled as a fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity.
Forty pages of forum posts followed this army from musings on a “general 40K” thread to each model
being painted by a different person over the course of a year, culminating in the most recent post which
announced, “The army is in the care of the Nova Open Charitable Foundation. . . .” The handler, who
wishes to remain anonymous, recognized that a lot of people had given of themselves to create this
Deathwatch Army, and it had a lot to give back to the community. A staff member of the NOVA Open
Tabletop Wargaming Convention, Martin Bagley, has agreed to take on the task of repairing and
restoring this army to its original grandeur over the next few weeks.

● ARMY #4: Deathwatch Army List
o Full List Can be Found HERE

2014 Sponsors:
Remember to check the Foundation website ( ) every Sunday between
now and August 17, 2014 to see which of our amazing sponsors is offering a gift certificate for the
weekly Saturday drawings!

KR Multicase is once again donating customized KR transport cases to safely nestle each of our amazing
charity armies for their travels.

 TheWarStore contributed dozens of models to the two large Macragge armies and the Ogre Kingdom
army this year.

Secret Weapon Miniatures stepped up again in 2014, providing all bases and Masterclass scenic
products for the Macragge armies.

Powered Play Gaming joins the NOCF charity efforts in 2014 to offer products for the lighting of models and, more particularly, for the full-on 4’x6’ Macragge Project Terrain Table being created by Michael

NOVA Open also donated the dozens of models necessary to complete the Macragge and Ogre Kingdom armies.

Special thanks to the 11th Company who will podcast the drawings internationally during the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention, August 31, 2014.

More to come!